Zexel torsen limited slip differential

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#1 Zexel torsen limited slip differential

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Zexel torsen limited slip differential

By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Zexel torsen limited slip differential and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein. The new updated mobile application is here! Zexel torsen, why am I one wheeling? I've got a stock zexel torsen diff in my y87 firebird. I cannot get the two wheels to lock when cornering. It will light up the inside tire but never locks. I changed the fluid to inspect it but I didn't see anything majorly wrong, but I've never done diff work. What can cause these to wear out without breaking pieces? Find More Posts by Y87bird I don't believe any limited slip differential will lock both while turning. Find More Posts by ponchjoe. Mine locks up great on left hand Zexel torsen limited slip differential, but if I want to get sideways on a right hand turn I have to clutch kick it or it has to be wet outside. I'm assuming it's just from the age of the diff because it's factory. It's been raining for a week, that's why I've noticed it not working. It hasmiles. I make mostly right turns strangely. Find More Posts by 01ssreda4. When I make a slight right and continue straight, the inside tire will light Zexel torsen limited slip differential and continue to spin. I can feel a shifting of weight like the left tire is trying to lock but it never does. I use to spin both tires all the time at the same corner. Something is not the same. IF you have a torsen and you've been hard on it in corners, you may have stripped some of the worm gears within the unit. A simple torsen test is to put the car on jack stands and see if...

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Impalassforum Please report vBulletin bugs here. I'm going to rebuild my rear end. Right now, I'm planning to use the Eaton, but I figured it couldn't hurt to explore the idea of using the Torsen instead. Anybody have any input on this subject? Eaton is a more durable, rebuildable, upgrade from the Auburn. There is no reason to go back in with an Auburn, unless you get your kicks on throwing good money after bad The Eaton offers the same performance and handling as a properly functioning Auburn. The Eaton can handle abuse such as high HP, drag slicks, and clutch dumps better than the Torsen. Torsen T2 is a handling upgrade from clutch type LSDs. It uses gears to acheive it's torque distribution instead of clutches, so under normal circumstances, will never wear out. Check out my Review for more details, but it gives the car more neutral handling and a more natural feel than the Auburn did. It will spin a tire under severe traction splits, such as one tire on ice and the other not, but application of the brakes rectifies that sitution. Torsen T2R, from what I understand, is a T2 with preload, but no clutches in our application, for a higher bias, or amount of torque it can send to the axle with more grip. It "hooks up" harder than a T2. Ed can probably explain it better than I. Wayne basically nailed it. I know the T2 for our app does not. I have the T2R, but have driven cars with the T2. For street driving, you'll notice basically no difference other than on ice where the clutches will let it move both wheels even if one is completely freewheeling. The T2R is more effective at the limits though. The T2R did change the...

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By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Forums Welcome to CamaroZ Will someone explain the difference? Did any Camaros have the torsen? Does this mean I have a bad LSD? Clunking when turning corner at about mph. Any problem driviong for a while? How long does it take for the additive to work? Sorry for all the questions but need answers. Torsen is a brand of limited slip made by Zexel-Torsen inc. It is a completely gear driven unit. Limited Slip, according to most people, has springs inside the differential which preloads a clutchpack inside the differential. If you still have the Torsen unit in your rear it shouldn't turn both wheels unless it is under load from the driveshaft. As for the clunk that is pretty much normal for a Torsen. I had questions about this when I first got my car. There were several people on this forum having the same noise and said it was normal so I'm not too concerned and haven't noticed any problems after 10k mi. About the additive IDK. Typical "limited slip" http: I thought that it was correct for both wheels to turn in the same direction. I know that in an open diff. Torsen is a style not a brand, Zexel is to torsen as Kleenex is to tissue. And with a Torsen with the rear up the wheels should spin opposite direction or the other may not move at all. Smooth operating and there's nothing to really wear out. Its main limitation of the T2 is if one wheel loses traction totally, then it operates like an open diff.. It needs some tq to operate.. I didn't have any clucking on my...

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By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. It reminds me of the Detroit locker in design! Just picking at your brains a bit!! The Torsen is nothing like the Detroit Locker as far as I know. It is very similar to the Truetrac. As far as I know they are both worm gear limited slip differentials. They work well for road racing and auto cross, as well as street use. The only problem that I know of is that sometimes they will not lock up when doing a burnout. Usually you can hit the brakes and get it to lock up. Both will work just fine for road racing and street use. The LS1 crowd are breaking the torsens with fairly mild combos, but that's drag racing, which is not what torsens were originally designed for. Which is road course use. If you break a Torsen it will lock the one or both of the rear tires and require a tow truck. Sometimes it doesn't lock based on rate of torque application and you will only spin one tire. Auburn cone style or Eaton clutch style will wear out eventually and stop working. The Eaton might wear out in about 30 or 40 years. There are still many old Camaros and Chevelles running around with the original Eaton in them and they still work fine. Now the Auburn will wear out pretty quick in many cases. They can't be rebuilt. The Eaton can be rebuilt and it can be tuned to fit your needs with different clutch sets and preload spring rates. I can see breaking the torsen with a trans break or manual transmission! The shock to the rear with out...

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What problems have you heard about them? Which one do ya think There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Add Thread to del. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Torsen or Posi Torsen or Posi differentialWhat rear do you prefer? Which one do ya think is better? I have a set of 4: Which rear should I use? Share Share this post on Digg Del. I opt for the PowerTrax "Locker" deal that goes right inside your stock carrier. I do donuts on a regular bassis and ALL clutch type units don't like that. But if your stuck on that type versus a locker the torsen type or cone type would be my second choice. I actually like hearing a lockers "dog teeth" when going around a corner in a car with full exhaust and NOT "One chamber" race mufflers. Don't be afraid of the bottle!!! Be afraid of your tune!!! I would expect more people to reply to this thread! Originally Posted by 99RedRagtop. Its is constantly working to spilt the load through a set of worn gears,its a great differential carrier. Once you use a torsen you'll never go back. I installed a new Auburn in my wifes,It had the torsen. She said what the hell did you do to my car! I put the torsen bk in. Originally Posted by 9t8z Originally Posted by s99ta. I have a '02Firehawk with the Auburn option rear end. The oil looked terrible even after changing it two times. The cones seemed to wearing fast. I think the factory oem unit is much better with proper balance and better wearing parts. Originally Posted by mghawk Ive never understood the difference between auburn, torsen, eaton What...

Zexel torsen limited slip differential

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Torsen LSD (Limited Slip Differential). Type A Torsen. Outline. The torque distribution ratio used for the rear differential and so on of the rear-drive sports. Jun 3, - As far as I know they are both worm gear limited slip differentials. I am going to use the Zexel Torsen behind a built and TH and line ? for those using the Zexel-Torsen diff. unit. Nov 28, - Torsen or Posi differentialWhat rear do you prefer? i had a auburn limited slip in my car it lasted 2 months put the stock torsen back in it.

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