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#1 X-men evolution fanfiction kurt scott

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X-men evolution fanfiction kurt scott

Her mother, Mystique finds out she has befriended a boy named Kurt AKA Nightcrawler and decides to lock her away in the house for a week. Mystique stiffened, her eyes glued to the computer screen as each little square of footage burst into a fizz of static. Frantically, she reached for the computer mouse and scrolled through different views of the house. Cameras one through four had been destroyed, and with another small crash, so evoution camera danfiction. Holding her breath, Mystique pleaded kurr Melody to stop. Her face contorted into despair as Melody walked casually through the front hall, pausing to eye the camera lens. She smirked, her fang-like teeth flashing at her mother before she bent down and morphed into a hawk. She cawed loudly, seemingly in a triumphant fashion, and swooped up towards the final camera. Her talons closed around it. Her hand wandered mindlessly to her forehead as she gasped for breath. Without making another sound, she flew through the open window, beak hanging slightly open as she glided on the wind. He stared down at Quicksilver from where he stood on the wall. Fanficgion crossed his arms in front of his chest and scoyt. Pietro gave him a strange look as he wondered if the X-me was actually supporting him. Even though she hates you. Todd threw his head back and laughed. Pietro turned to glare at him, his face X-men evolution fanfiction kurt scott with fury. And yet me being friendly towards a evolutionn suddenly is cause for ridiculing? Todd looked up with wide eyes. His English teacher had been bothering him to no X-men evolution fanfiction kurt scott about his crummy grade…and so, naturally, he had asked Melody for help. And out of all of them, Melody Yuna nurse ri the only...

#2 Teenage developmental stages

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Teenage developmental stages

Kurt and Scott have been together for nearly six months, but once the physical part of their relationship begins to bloom, Kurt is too afraid and tries to change himself. Kurt looked up to his gym teacher, Ms. She was standing in front of the class wearing her usual sweatpants and t-shirt, hands on her hips and eyeing them all dangerously. She had to command respect with this class. She was good at gaining their respect, too. Most people thought she was a jerk, but if you did what she asked, she was actually pretty nice. For a gym teacher, she was pretty young, and had no muscle whatsoever. She started the class with stretches, and once Kurt realized what they were doing, he let his attention drift once more, while doing the stretches of course. He only paid just as much attention to the class as needed to know what stretches they were doing as he cocked his head to the side, staring at the boy sitting three spots away from him. Even though he's great at sports, and was a senior, he still had to attend gym, because at his old school they only needed one year, while at this school you needed two years. So, as a result, he was now in Kurt's gym class. Neither one of them could complain, though. They only had a few classes together. Gym, German Kurt was in the high class, duh , and Computer Applications Scott always looked so cute. He normally wore a huge blue sweater and those thin brown pants, but now he was forced to wear gym shorts that came to his knees and a red tank. They all had to wear them, including Kurt. He didn't like them. It was harder to keep his tail...

#3 Double braid nylon more

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Double braid nylon more

The noise was shaking the bleachers we were sitting on. I sighed and looked towards my friend who dragged me here, Scott Summers. He had short boyish hair with a pair of ruby sunglasses that never let you see what exactly he was thinking. Judging by his furrowed eyebrows, he was glaring at his crush, Jean Grey, taking pictures and making goo-goo eyes at the quarterback, Duncan Matthews. We looked down and saw a pale hand pickpocket the man in front of us and retreat back into the bleachers. I knew that Scott followed me by the sound of heavy footsteps that echoed my own. The sound of something heavy was thrown up against a pole. I looked in the back of me and saw that Scott was missing. I turned my body and saw that Scott had walked in with his fists balled up at the sides of his body. The wallets are still there. How about we have him give back the cash? I hung back in the shadows waiting if Scott needed my help. I didn't care too much for his directions, but I would obey him because of his intense rivalry with Duncan. Duncan looked at the money and glared at Scott. I glared at him. What does Jean see in him? But I'm not crazy about three against one either. So how about we settle this peacefully? So you and your stupid 'sunglasses at night' can just bail. Scott was about to take his glasses off. Luckily I was wrong and Scott remained calm, kind of. Scott threw Duncan off Toad and into his football friends. Duncan's friends rushed after him in hopes of beating him up. I guess I had to save him. I'll deal with Matthews. Don't do anything dumb! On my way...

#4 Adult art parties

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Adult art parties

I'm so proud of how this one turned out. This is a really beautiful song and I hope you take the time to listen to it before reading. So, without further ado let the fluff commence! Ever since Kurt Wagner first saw himself in a mirror he had used four words to describe himself: His first outing with his adopted parents into their small hometown in Germany had not gone well. Kurt had been ten years old at the time and had worn a large traveling cloak to hide his unique appearance. Unfortunately, a very curious six-year-old girl, who had wondered from her mother, had come up alongside Kurt and began tugging at the cloak. The struggle had ended with hood being pulled back and everyone seeing Kurt. Scott Summers had spent most of his childhood in that damned orphanage, from the day he and Alex had been separated from their parents and each other to the day Charles Xavier had found him, told him he was a mutant, and gave him a home at the Institute. Not once had he been offered a home anywhere else. Such a thing would have broken most kids, but Scott had always been a fighter. Scott had long ago resigned himself to the fact that he would never find a loving home with anyone else but the Professor. Two years had passed since the Apocalypse incident. Jean and Scott had left for the college of their choice. Jean had gone off to a very prestigious medical school in California where she decided to major in Genetics. Scott, on the other hand, decided to attend community college six hours away from Bayville and study Child Development. His dream had been to become either a child psychologist or an Elementary School teacher. Scott and Jeans...

#5 Black girls who fuck

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Black girls who fuck

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Three years after her first and most intense mission as a new X-Man, Jean Grey and Charles Xavier finally locate the vicious feral mutant who helped her rescue their friends from Colonel Stryker's bunker. At first glance, Jean thinks he's doing surprisingly well, but once he's been brought back to the school the true depths of his suffering and traumatic past are slowly unraveled for her to see. Still unsure of who he is, Logan is unpleasantly surprised to be visited by other mutants, but reluctantly allows them to bring him to what they claim is a safe place for him to recover. Plagued by hideous nightmares and inexplicable moments of deja vu, the only person who doesn't seem to fear Logan is a kind medical student who claims she's met him before. Even as she and her mentors attempt to help him piece himself together, Logan is unexpectedly drawn to her throughout her struggle to control her unstable powers. Scott hasn't been the happiest person around so Kurt decides to mess with him but when Scott car goes missing he immediately assumes Kurt. A bunch of drabbles of Scott Summers and his boyfriends. Once upon a time, a nineteen year old kid traveled from the cold shoulder of Germany to the baking heart of America to find his love. Scott asks Kurt to the school dance, or at least he tries Kurt Wagner is simply adorable. Literally no one can deny that. It only makes sense that everyone's favorite little blueberry is smothered in love. Kurt's never been on a Ferris wheel before, and as it turns out, there's a good...

X-men evolution fanfiction kurt scott

Wings of Fire

Oct 22, - Kurt and Scott have been together for nearly six months, but once the physical part of their relationship begins to bloom, Kurt is too afraid and. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. May 8, - X-men Evolution Chapter Two - Kurt's disapointment “Ugh,” Kurt moaned from his position Kurt leaned heavily against him and Scott hissed.

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