Watching my wife get fucked story

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#1 Watching my wife get fucked story

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Watching my wife get fucked story

For the larger portion of that time we have also been members of a swingers club. Over the years, that club has moved around to 3 or 4 different buildings. Until we started sharing my wife with other men, I didn't know just how thrilling Watching my wife get fucked story would be to actually watch her having sex with another man. I found out that I have quite a strong voyeur streak in me that I didn't know Actual teenage suicides there. This story is going to tell you about one of my most enjoyable voyeuristic experiences in one of the older buildings the club was in. In this building, there was a room that was a short staircase, up off the main dance floor. It wasn't really as high as being on a second floor, but it was above Raid on older scsi cards main dance floor and seating area. At the top of the stairs, as you entered this room, you were facing the back wall. This room was half-moon shaped, so the back wall was curved and there was a long upholstered couch that ran all the way along that back wall. Sitting side by side, it could probably accommodate about 20 people. Immediately to the left of the stairwell, in fact you had to make a U-turn to the left to enter itwas a room with a door on it and the door had a small window in it. Only one couple at a time was allowed in that room and 2 or 3 people could crowd around the little window and watch what the couple inside was doing. One night, my 40ish year old wife was in that room with a 20 year old young stud that she was quite infatuated with,...

#2 The teen center

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The teen center

Log in Sign Up. Lit Live Webcams Lucky spin? Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal watching my wife. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time 30 Days All Time. Limp No More Pt. Chance Encounter My wife gets laid right before my eyes. A Private Showing My best friend visits and takes photos and more. A Present for My Wife I watch my wanton wife enjoy her birthday treat. My Wife and the Tradesman I could see in her eyes how much my wife wanted him. Ruth's Taste Matures Wife enjoys an older lover. Our trip to Germany My wife is fucked on stage. New Year's, Risk and Reward A couple takes huge risk, but emotions take over. Wife's Unusual First Time Wife feels sorry for a younger guy she later fucks. Sally Playing Games Ch. Life With Leah Ch. Watch Me He wanted to watch, so she let him. Beach House Weekend He watches his wife with his friend. The Big Kick Husband likes to watch his wife. Separate tags with commas. More info in the FAQ.

#3 Sexually explicit love letters

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Sexually explicit love letters

Cuckold Blog The real life stories of cuckolds and their hot wives adventures I want to tell you how I have come to love ordering pizzas. After being married for several years our sex life was becoming alittle boring. One night after many night of talking about different fantasies one stuck in my mind. So one night after getting rather horny we decided to call for a pizza to be delivered. While we waited I got naked except for a bath robe. I told my husband to wait out back and see what I was going to do. As I waited for the pizza man to get there I was getting wetter and wetter just thinking about getting this stranger to fuck me in front of my husband. I couldn't stop thinking about him being outside and what was he going to think when I spread my legs for this stangers cock. I was getting hotter as every second ticked by. It was beginning to seem like forever. Between my husband being outside and the excitement of the possiblilty of this new cock in my life I was ready to cum without even being touched. I almost jumped out of my skin when the door bell rang. I quickly loosened the tie on my robe I apologize for the length of the story but I hope that you will find the read worthwhile. I am 41 years old and my wife Leslie is Our vacation took us to an adults-only resort on one of the islands in the Caribbean. The purpose of our vacation was to celebrate our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary. Although our anniversary is in March, we decided to go to the resort in late January in order to escape the winter cold. Since we do not...

#4 Sexual prejudice in elizabethan england

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Sexual prejudice in elizabethan england

I watched my wife being fucked very roughly by a friend of mine. We had been drinking and I decided to prepare something to eat as my wife was slightly buzzed. My friend was in the Army and was on his way home but decided to stay a night at our house. My wife always had a crush on him and so did he. They would casually flirt but never took it very far. I called out and said that I would have to go out to the store to get some burgers. My wife was sitting in on the sofa while he was on the floor watching a movie and I saw that there was some kind of a sexual tension in the air. I went to the garage and found that I did not have to go to the store at all as the burgers were right there in the Refrigerator but when I entered the room, I saw that he had his hand on her foot and was massaging it. I quietly crept back and went into the garage and started the car and drove off - but I turned the corner and parked the car there and went to the house by the side door. I was standing inside the high fence and nobody out side could see me but I had a clear view of the sitting room. I realized that Rahul was kissing my wife passionately - his tongue was deep inside her mouth and she was kissing him feverishly back. His hand reached over and he cupped her rounded breast and she moaned loudly. The window was open as it was summer time and the breeze was cool. I could hear everything crisply. She pushed him away and said - I don't think...

#5 Xxx vin desale

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Xxx vin desale

Salman and his wife, Zoya and have a very exciting marriage. She's a wonderful lover, friend and a very beautiful woman. Martha joined a workout club and also has a massage every two to three weeks at a massage parlor about 10 miles out of town. She has always enjoyed getting massages but is somewhat shy and always has had a female masseuse. This is a print version of story I watched my young wife fucked hard by theoldfella52 from xHamster. I watched my young wife fucked hard I watched my young wife fucked hard: Mary and I had only been married for a couple of years when this happened, She was 19; full of life with bright red hair, milky white skin and very hot, I was 21; Mary and I always had a great sex life as she was as far as I was concerned a little over sexed, Mary could have sex every night but I have to admit three times a week is enough for me and after a couple of years it had slowed down to about twice a week for us but I knew Mary would have liked it more, we loved each other with a passion and we both knew that. Mary spun round laying on her back with her legs spread wide and I could see that her crutch on her panties was soaking wet: Mary woke up and although she had the bed clothes pulled up I could see her shoulders were naked which means she had nothing on…. I then returned to the lounge room. About half an hour later I switched off the telly and headed for the guest room knocking before I went in, Mary was sitting with her back against the bedhead and John the same; I...

Watching my wife get fucked story

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Dec 4, - I said I didn't want her to fuck him just give him a blow job. He then took charge as I watch and told my wife to get on her knees in front of him. Sep 27, - He read this very intense story about how a husband around his age had shared He agreed to let Mike fuck his wife as long he got to watch. I watched my young wife fucked hard: Mary and I had only been married for a the bed spread to get soiled, fair enough; I said “whatever” and kept watching my.

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