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#1 Vintage mustang tech

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Vintage mustang tech

Subscribe to Print or Digital! Fuel Tank Varnish My Mustang has been sitting in a field since and I am worried about varnish buildup in the tank before I fire the engine. I drained the fuel and it smells OK, but I am Shoes big gals about varnish damaging the tank and lines. Is there a way I can clean the tank or should I just buy a new one? I recommend cleaning out the whole system if you can; varnish is your biggest problem. You probably also have the original tank in the car, which was lead lined, and that helps too. POR sells a gas tank restoration kit itempor Take time and clean out the fuel lines, clear the pump, and go ahead and rebuild the carburetor. You may get it running without cleaning the system, but you will probably hurt Vintage mustang tech too. Running gas preservatives in the future makes sense since we generally park our vehicles during the winter and they Vintage mustang tech are not daily drivers. But there is another menace to cars that sit for long periods of time—ethanol-blend fuels. They started introducing ethanol-blend fuels in the late 70s, and ethanol releases moisture into the fuel tank and creates rust on the inside of the tank. When you refill the tank, all those rust particles fall back into the fuel and get sucked into your fuel system, clogging the carburetor and ruining the fuel pump. The problem is worse The bible says about gays new tanks that are not lead lined. I just went through this with a show car that had been sitting the last ten years. It had Vintage mustang tech stabilizers in it, but the ethanol fuel in the tank rusted and clogged everything when we tried...

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By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Classic Mustang General Discussion. Sticky Wheels and Ride Height 1 2 Sticky Frequently Asked Questions - Redux 1 2. Sticky Signature sizes 1 2 New Member with a 65 coupe and some questions. Carb backfiring on a low vacuum motor. New gasket and new rear main seal. Which oil pan for a Mach 1 W? Troubleshooting starting issue 1 2. Trying to find original radio wiring BB code is On. Featured Sponsors Vendor Directory. All times are GMT The time now is We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Classic Mustangs Tech Technical discussions about the Mustangs of yester-year. Page 1 of Exhaust manifold question marcb. New Member with a 65 coupe and some questions trader Carb backfiring on a low vacuum motor dbgrigsby Troubleshooting starting issue 1 2 Shampue. Coolant pump conversion ThomasX. T5 gear ratio sflip Sort Order Ascending Descending. Post a New Thread. Mark This Forum Read. Subscribe to This Forum. Advertising Featured Sponsors Vendor Directory.

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Subscribe to Print or Digital! In this column we have talked many times about cooling system issues, and my response is usually that the problem is an obstruction somewhere. Well, I now have the opportunity to show you the apex of all I have been bloviating about all these years! I pulled the pump and found what you see in the picture. The engine was immediately sent to the machine shop for a rebuild. This system was neglected for a long time, and the storage of the engine only made it worse. We have a full chemistry lab of things going on in this engine: The brown mud and rust was eating away the impellers of the water pump and was caused by running tap water. We also see biological slime buildup from weak antifreeze and sand from the original casting of the block. The white corrosion from the aluminum pump was caused by weak antifreeze. Calcium buildup was from using tap water, and a weird Vaseline-like substance that completely clogged the passenger-side port was probably from using additives to condition the coolant or some kind of stop-leak. I believe the long-term storage allowed these additives to gel and clog the whole system. A cooling system that is well designed and well maintained should only be filled with antifreeze and distilled water. Water is actually very good at transferring heat. Distilled water is mineral free, which means you are not adding extra items that react and corrode. Minerals like calcium build up over time and damage seals and clog ports. Antifreeze is used to lower the freezing point to prevent the water from expanding and breaking things, and it raises the boiling point. When antifreeze contacts air, it begins to break down similar to brake fluid. All this is happening...

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Classic Mustang Wanted Ads. Most Popular Discussions This is important guys: Deals on Corvettes Today Misfit Garage - staged drama I had to laugh - Fantomworks and the 65 Mustang rack and pinion steering Who has the worst toupee? World cup - who's your team? How many cars can I fit in 30x40? Garage Mod you can't live without How do you spot scam buyer texts when selling a vehicle on Craigslist? Where to move to? Rear shock pushed through Turtle Wax my 2 cents Are Dodge Shelby's "real"? Ford Edge panoramic roof sluggish to close Home Construction Thread Socket Sets - Best Brand? Trip to Sacramento Raceway Yesterday Stock vs Restomod Value Need for speed Yesterday Ford racing w heads People and Their Dogs kids? When is a Panhard bar needed? Garage ideas Mike Maier's Blue Mustang The pony car war just got a little hotter at my house For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.

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Classic Mustangs (Tech) - Technical discussions about the Mustangs of yester-year. Explore kelvin feik's board "Vintage Mustang Tech" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Vintage mustang, Shelby mustang and Carroll shelby. Ford Mustang “Lawman” arriving in Vietnam. Only 2 of these "Lawman" Super BOSS Mustangs were ever made by Ford for tour to U. troops in Vietnam.

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