Vagina exam video

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#1 Vagina exam video

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Vagina exam video

Use my profile picture. I'm a new user I'm a returning user Link your facebook account to a new Medical Videos account. Please choose a username for your account: Vagina exam video clicking Create Account: You certify that you are at least 18 years old. You agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Link your facebook account to your existing Medical Videos account. Please fill your existing account details: Please fill your existing account password: Create Account Link Account. Routine pelvic exams are important for good Dating customs in italy health. A woman should have her first GYN exam Last person hung in australia she first thinks about becoming sexually active, when she becomes sexually active or when she turns At the gynecologist, you will have a short general physical exam, including a breast exam. You will wear a hospital gown and nothing else. Stirrups might look a little scary, but they are there to keep you comfortable. Your legs will be spread apart, with your Vagina exam video falling to each side so that your vagina is exposed. You may feel uncomfortable, but relax and realize that everyone goes through this. External Exam The practitioner will visually examine your vulva for discoloration, irritation, swelling and other abnormalities, and will gently feel Vagina exam video glands. Internal Exam There are two parts to the internal exam. The first involves a speculum, a metal or plastic instrument that the practitioner inserts into the vagina. As the vaginal walls are spread, the practitioner is able Vagina exam video see the walls of the vagina itself, and up the vaginal canal to the cervix. When viewing the vaginal canal and the cervix, the practitioner can look for discoloration, abnormal discharge, lesions, growths and signs of infection. Fat movie...

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Vagina exam video

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