Tonex leaves wife for lover

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#1 Tonex leaves wife for lover

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Tonex leaves wife for lover

Obnoxious October 26, Oh I already know that haha some I have seen in action haha but for some reason the truth only seems to be truth when it comes from someone like him. The stories I could tell haha!!!!! I must applaud Tonex for walking in his truth. He is more honest than many. I remember him and his lovely ex- wife together at his private birthday in San Diego, his Blond bartender in dierks bentley video and I never knew he had a battle within. Sir Williams…good point in reference to Wes and Kirk. I did not know about Wes, when I proudly posed with him for a photo while performing in Paris, Fr. The end is never favorable. One problem I see with this. He should have darkened the lights in the audience and had a spotlight on him for affect. He is the next Prince of gospel music. His energy Christians call it the Holy Ghost is high in that church. It was entertaining for me as well even though I am not a Christian. Hold my mule while get up and ……………………………………………………………. Ah shah ahh abahhh! Dude has a great gift and talent. This dude lost his mother and father back to back and seems like these so call Christians could care less. And he low down down low himself. Probable my favorite album of all time!!!! Well what exactly is a pineapple drinker? Because on the one hand it seems as if you Tonex leaves wife for lover out other gay preachers but you seem to be celebrating Tonex walking in his Tonex leaves wife for lover. Is it the DL nature or the actually homosexuality? William, The church is on the inside and what is inside will come out of the mouths...

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Organic manufacturer lip balm private label

I'm crazy enough to believe that before it's too late Tonex is going to take the life experiences he has had outside of the church and come back to God and His Church and start a major Apostolic revival I'm glad he was transparent in this video, I don't agree with where he is at in his walk, but as long as there life there is hope. It does not want to be in the Church. It enjoys being a gay individual. Sad BSlade allows the devil to dictate his life, It's choice. It is living its best life in the lane it chooses. It knows full well living in that condition is an abomination towards God. Hell is hot, and its going to be a whole lot of folk in hell for a plethora of sins. Couldn't have said it any better. He's doing this purposely and without regret. He's already been accepted back into the 'church' clicks That's not what I'm saying. It's just that it seems all these artist and pastors are hype to take photos with him at award shows and events; and I'm almost sure they are more concerned about that than pulling him aside and saying "hey my brother, what's going on. I love you but this ain't right and you're showboating around here like it is. Come up what we may, with all these man made ideas and interviews to provide answers, solutions and counsel. You quote bible verses, but you are a nasty person. So you quote bible verses all you want, but looking at your comments on all articles, you need a heart transplant. Lol, you going to hell folk Christian Pentecostal Sunday, 29 October, Anonymous Sunday, 29 October, Darlene McCray Sunday, 29 October, Mercy Monday, 30 October,...

#3 What is transpyloric in adults

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What is transpyloric in adults

Tonex has been through so much in just dealing with life but what would posses him to cut the fool in his UGG boots has us a little bit speechless. Thinking it was a drag show we walked over to that area. As I sat there he danced around as if he was on some type of drug, sweating all over the place. He jumped off the stage and began doing shablams! Very different from the mess above: Vodpod videos no longer available. According to one of our readers, all of the suspect foolishness Tonex was seen doing in NYC was for show. His new persona is inspired by a fictional rock star like character. That is his way of performing. No shade, hate or disrespect. He was feelin himself so he was doin hiself. I want all homosexuals to come out freely. The only thing that has expired, is your way of thinking. Take your eyes off people and put them on God. Tonex is a person, nothing more, nothing less and he has apparently fallen. God has the power to get him back up, but he has to want it! The very elect can and will be deceived! Wrap your mind around it, or be left and lost. We just have to pray for him. He obviously has some demons chasing him. But if He knows God, and it sounds like he does, he needs reach. Christians got every right to reject his lifestyle. The same God he swore he followed even rejects his lifestyle. So get off the bull. Honey the GAYS aint goin no where! I believe Tonex is very talented, and him being openly gay will never change my opinion of him nor the talent God has given him. All of us have sins, practices,...

#4 Lifting standards wire rope slings

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Lifting standards wire rope slings

Yvette was divorced from Tonex in and has since focused on recovering and speaking out against divorce. It is reflects the same syllogism of Romans 1. What I will say is their collective initiatives and Babel-like intention to build their tower of strength has become the foundation from which they stand on major platforms and demand political attention including the legal rights to live as they please and have the same benefits as those of heterosexuals. So, as you can see, Satan is patient but persistent in waging his war against marriage as we know God intended! Satan knows the power of media and celebrity. He is the master of imagery, and understanding human nature and the psyche of people, he knows men and woman of all ages are intrinsically influenced by the media and what popular people are wearing, saying and doing. In an article titled Lesbian Life, from online website About. I am inclined to agree with Ms. Her points are valid and very much true. Great and insightful article my brother. This really lets us peer into the strategy of the enemy as opposed to thinking that events are just random actions. I also will post is article in my blog,thanks GCMW. That was a powerful article by Yvette. Carlotta, I read that exchange. All I can say is that young man is suffering from partial spiritual blindness. Like many who have been hurt by the church I was too they blame the church and use it as a scapegoat for their sins. That may be attributed to the bad advice of his new set of gay christian friends. That should always be our goal is to uphold God and his word. It is no coincidence that is Excatly the opposite of what the Gospel taeches and...

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Bijou stracy stone melisa anton hardcore

I will not judge you I God know your heart. I was sexual abuse by a family member I was 5 years old If you haven't experience you don't know it's a spirit you have to let go and let God but it's hard too when the devil still have a hold on you it's hard for me to keep a man in my life because I have so much pain hurt and untrust in my heart it won't go away. God is a Deliver and he can take those things that hinder us away but we must keep fighting and praying for our deliverance and once delivered - maintain it and not be entangled again with that yoke of bondage. Just wanna encourage you my brother to go back and grab the horns of the altar and don't let go until you feel a breaking in your spirit. Where do I start. I wish I could have direct personal correspondence with Tonex on his email address. So here is my effort to simplify and demystify it for you Tonex Dear. The bible says since the time is short. Christ's coming near 'Let those who are married be as though they are not' Tonex, why don't you engage Jesus in an intense dialogue on this subject 'Lord, what must I do to not miss heaven? Praying deeply for Tonex. PA [report abuse] Reply by Hazel in Trinidad Once you leave a door open, the enemy comes in and take all that he can and twists what we believe, just like how he told Adam he shall not surely die, but Adam did die 'spiritually' the devil had twisted the truth and it seemed right. This song that Tonex you sang, Lord make me over, this is what you were...

Tonex leaves wife for lover

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Mar 24, - Ex-wife of Tonex: gay marriage part of satan's agenda written by Yvette (Graham) Williams (pictured at left with Tonex in ), the former Mrs. Tonex. . Singer Lil' Kim is flanked by Donald Trump and girlfriend Malania. May 29, - EX Ministries exposed (Anthony Charles Williams II) a.k.a Tonex b.k.a B-Slade's plight in .. Loving others does not mean condoning sin. How B Slade (Tonex) Had To Leave The Church To Find God!! Anthony Williams,Tonex,or B Slade no longer proclaims to be a gospel artist and it shows. . Reader so Pastor Ron Carpenter wife Hope Carpenter on Sunday had the nerve to Hall was enjoying sex with 10 men including his secret lover Jeffrey Thomas.

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