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#1 Sex tourism in burma

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Sex tourism in burma

It took a bit of time for Sex tourism in burma, a year-old retiree from London, to understand why so many middle-aged white men were hanging out alone in the sad-looking bar of his hotel in Vientiane, Laos, when he visited in Then he saw all the local young women loitering nearby. Tourism is taking a turn for the torrid in Laos — and the once isolated country has a host of rivals that stretches all the way to Myanmar and Bangladesh. Myanmar, for instance, tlurism denied entry to several known transnational child sex offenders, but scores of others get through easily. Indeed, one need spend only Vennesa anne huchens naked few minutes in the seedier quarters of the Internet to see that the industry toourism charting new territory. Only a few years ago, hardly anyone could get a tourist visa to Myanmar; this year, the rourism expects to welcome more than 3 million tourists. In Communist Laosforeign visitors already generate 12 percent of the gross domestic product, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, and though Bangladesh has never been as isolated as either of those countries, it is nowadays investing heavily in tourism: Its contribution to Sex tourism in burma economy has quadrupled since And make no mistake: Not all of that went to the prostitutes, of course; it also benefited hotels, corrupt cops, restaurants, tourist agencies, beer gardens, saunas, cabarets and, of course, health clinics. In Bangkok, some 19 percent of freelance sex workers had HIV in Today, some of the new sex tourists are well aware of Sex tourism in burma role in the economy. But in many of the new destinations, human trafficking, drugs and abuse are often involved — as are child exploitation and sexually transmitted diseases. Tourism today presents new challenges....

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Prostitution in Myanmar also known as Burma is illegal. Burma is a major source of prostitutes an estimate of 25,—30, in Thailand , with the majority of women trafficked taken to Ranong , bordering south Burma, and Mae Sai , at the eastern tip of Burma. Women are often lured into prostitution with the promise of legitimate jobs, substantially higher pay, and because their low educational levels makes it difficult for them to find jobs elsewhere. In many instances, such women come from remote regions. In Yangon , prostitution often occurs in hotels that also operate as brothels. The recent appearance of massage parlours began in , with ethnic minority groups such as the Wa running such businesses in particular. Since Cyclone Nargis hit in May , the number of prostitutes in Yangon has increased significantly, thus lowering prices for sexual services. In all of Southeast Asia Burma is by far the cheapest when securing the services of a prostitute eclipsing even the choice and price in Laos. Prostitutes in Burma are called by a number of different terms. Prostitution was banned in , during the early Konbaung dynasty period. Under the Suppression of Prostitution Act, enacted in , the act of soliciting or seducing in public is illegal, as is forcing or enticing women into prostitution or owning brothels. The Penal Code guarantees protection of female children from sexual abuse, with any persons found having sexual intercourse with a girl of under 14 years with or without consent charged with rape. The Child Law, enacted in , raised the age of consensual sex to 16 and made prostitution illegal. It is an offence to knowingly allow a girl younger than sixteen years of age under one's guardianship to engage in prostitution. There is no obvious corresponding offence for boys....

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A comic by Burmese cartoonist Ba Galay discussing 4 kinds of prostitutes. It is easy to rescue prostitute who joins because of bad acquaintances, but Prostitution, despite its undesirable nature, will never disappear. But this issue must be snipped at the bud, before Burma solidifies its reputation as a sex tourism destination. Talk about sex tourism has grown especially as the country is actively seeking Western investment. Just skimming the comments, I can tell there are many Burmese puritans want to turn a blind eye to this problem. In all likelihood, one of the occupations to which such displaced women turned to alleviate the adverse ramifications of the Depression was prostitution, the scale of which in Burma was described by a report as the largest in British India. It is conceivable that the Depression thus had the effect of making more Burmese women more easily sexually available to foreign men, especially if in the s, as in the s, the clients of brothels in Burma were predominantly British troops and sepoys from the Indian subcontinent. This Reuters article , written by Soe Zeya Tun, summarizes some of the latest buzz about the costs of tourism. The Japanese man was most likely bringing in a female guest with the intention of having sex with her. Apparently the slapped employee is facing a lawsuit now as well. In this interview with Andrea Valentin , founder of a Burmese tourism NGO, Tourism Transparency , she makes some interesting observations about how Burmese society is complicit in hiding this issue:. A most concerning issue is that Burma is now experiencing the spread of sex tourism, as you also mentioned in your article. What lessons can Burma learn from its neighboring countries Thailand and Cambodia? The spread of sex tourism is my biggest concern for...

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Virginity has traditionally been greatly prized in modest Burma-Myanmar. A English language tourist brochure referred to Burma as "The Land of Virgins and the Restful Nights" and said its "trademark" virgins are famous for their "clear skin. Parents can't control their kids so strictly anymore. Even though the military government passed a decree in early forbidding women from working at bars as pat of a campaign against prostitution, something the military government is adamantly against, there are los of prostitutes in Chinatown. Underwear can be a sensitive topic in Myanmar. Never raise your underwear above your head. This is considered very rude. Washing is often by hand. If you have some laundry done at a guesthouse, some people make take offense to washing your under garments. It is widely believed in Myanmar that if a man comes in contact with a woman's panties or sarong they can rob him of his power. In one Thai-based group launched a global 'panties for peace' campaign, in which supporters were encouraged to send women's underwear to Burmese embassies, in the hope that contact with such garments would weaken the regime's hpoun, or spiritual power. The generals may indeed subscribe to this belief. It is widely rumoured that, before a foreign envoy visits Burma, an article of female underwear or a piece of a pregnant woman's sarong is hidden in the ceiling of the visitor's hotel suite, to weaken their hpoun and thus their negotiating position. The Daily Mail reported: And Lanna Action for Burma hope their "Panties for Peace" campaign will help oust the oppressive rulers who ruthlessly crushed recent democracy protests. The group's website explains: The Burma military regime is not only brutal but very superstitious. They believe that contact with a woman's panties or sarong can rob them of their power....

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Some girls stared at the floor while others tugged self-consciously on short hemlines, stretching the flimsy material a few centimetres longer as they catwalked awkwardly to the accompaniment of blasting hip-hop music. Watching these young entertainers of the "Cherry-Sexy Girls" model groups were a few male customers, and a far larger crowd of Burmese sex workers, mostly in their late teens and early 20s, who sat at low tables in the darkness of the club. Escorting several girls to a nearby table of young men, a waiter said the show was not so much modelling as marketing. Prostitution, particularly involving children, is a serious crime in military-ruled Burma, but girls taken from the club would have no problem with the authorities, the waiter assured the company, but did not explain why not. It would seem that prostitution is one of the few things the Burmese military, fresh from its recent crushing of pro-democracy demonstrations by Buddhist monks, is still willing to tolerate. Information on the Burmese sex trade is extremely limited, as NGOs and other organisations can not conduct proper research within the country, said Patchareeboon Sakulpitakphon at the Bangkok offices of the international organisation Ecpat, whose acronym stands for End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes. As a result of the restrictions, what is known is limited to a "basic picture based on what victims have said, and information that leaks out," Ms Patchareeboon wrote in an email. But, she added, the information available indicates that "[child] sex tourism is emerging in Burma as well as the development of the sex industry". Burma is already a big source country for people trafficked to the regional sex trade. Disastrous economic policies pursued by the military have hobbled this resource-rich nation and hundreds of thousands have...

Sex tourism in burma

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SEX IN MYANMAR; Underwear Superstitions in Myanmar; Prostitution in A English language tourist brochure referred to Burma as "The Land of Virgins  ‎SEX IN MYANMAR · ‎Life of Sex Workers in · ‎Risks and Abuse Faced by. We would like to thank all interviewees for being so kind to take their time to talk with us and discuss their views on sex work and sex tourism in Myanmar. Oct 29, - Information on the Burmese sex trade is extremely limited, as NGOs and available indicates that "[child] sex tourism is emerging in Burma as.

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