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#1 Rouge power stone boob

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Rouge power stone boob

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Characters who appear in the MacGuffin-collecting fighting game Power Stone. A year-old pilot hailing from Londo , and the main protagonist of the series. Edward is the scion of the prestigious Falcon family, and an adventurer that travels the world in his beloved Hockenheim biplane — searching for the Power Stones revealed in an ancient family legend. Brave, determined, and with a strong sense of justice, he specialises in boxing and vanquishes evil with his sharp moves and explosive punches. In the sequel, Falcon is in the middle of a transatlantic flight back to Londo in the Hockenheim , when he gets caught in the middle of an enormous thunderstorm and loses control — when before him, an enormous floating castle appears. After making an emergency crash-landing inside it, Falcon realises that this is "the ancient mysterious castle" said by his father to appear every once in a while, and eagerly sets out to explore it. He's a very skilled pilot and adventurer who travels the World in his beloved antique biplane, the Hockenheim. Edward follows in the footsteps of his elderly father Pride — who later becomes playable as a hidden character in the sequel — as a world-travelling adventurer and archaeologist. And the Adventure Continues: He finds the Power Stone on Avalon Island, only to accidentally drop it as his father flies the two of them out of the collapsing ruins. All Love Is Unrequited: Gets this both ways in the anime adaptation. On the giving end, he has an unrequited crush on Rouge, and on the receiving end, is oblivious to Ayame being in love with him. Awesome Mc Cool Name: It doesn't get much cooler than someone named Edward Falcon. His Japanese name, Edward Fokker, is quite cool as well if you're aware of what it's...

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Rouge power stone boob

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Characters who appear in the MacGuffin-collecting fighting game Power Stone. Power Stone Ace Pilot: He's a very skilled pilot and adventurer who travels . Mar 23, - Screenshot of Rouge from Power Stone Rouge's boobs. Apr 4, - rouge's got stones by TovioRogers and everyone knew you were talking about her and not Boobs the Bat smh Power Stone, best game ever ^^ Now that was a really addicting game:P the world needs more rouge.

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