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#1 Quid pro quo latin for

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Quid pro quo latin for

Quid pro quo, Latin for "something for something," is used to describe when two parties engage in a mutual agreement to exchange goods or services. In a quid pro quo Quid pro quo latin for one transfer is contingent upon a reciprocal transfer. As a term, quid pro quo is used similarly in business and legal contexts to convey that a good or service has been exchanged for something of equal value. Key to a quid pro quo business agreement is consideration, which may take the form of a good, service, money or financial instrument. Such consideration equates to a contract in which something is being provided and something of equal value will be returned in exchange. Without such consideration a Miss world aishwarya nude may find a contract to be invalid or nonbinding. Any individual, business or other entity should know what is expected of both parties to enter into a contract. A bartering arrangement between two parties is an example of a quid pro quo business agreement. In other contexts, a quid pro quo may entail more of a questionably ethical "favor for a favor" arrangement rather than a balanced exchange of equally valued goods or services. Quid pro quo arrangements can have negative connotations in certain contexts. For example, in a quid pro quo agreement between an investment bank 's research arm and a public company, the bank might Fonctionnement touche sensitive their rating of the company's shares in exchange for underwriting business. In response to these potential conflicts of interest, U. Another example of quid pro quo agreement in business is Quid pro quo latin for soft dollar agreement. In a soft dollar agreement, one firm Firm A uses another firm's Firm B research. In exchange, Firm B executes all of Firm A's trades....

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Our Latin forum is a community for discussion of all topics relating to Latin language, ancient and medieval world. Latin Boards on this Forum: English to Latin , Latin to English translation , general Latin language , Latin grammar , Latine loquere , ancient and medieval world links. Log in or Sign up. So according to my knowledge of Latin, this common phrase should mean What for what? Well, obviously pro can mean a lot of things, but this is the closest one to what the phrase means in English. These phrases don't even seem interogative although I supposed they could be interpreted that way. So, am I wrong? And if so, is it because I am translating the words wrong, or is it because quid pro quo has an idiomatic meaning? Please let me know all I'm doing wrong and what, if anything, Wikipedia is doing wrong. Masondeanm , Nov 5, Yes, literally translated quid pro quo means what for what. Bitmap , Nov 6, Incidentally, Bitmap, do you realise that when you upload an avatar, you can adjust it right, left, up, down before using it? That stock photo you're using has a lot of white on the left, so if you move it just slightly, the pawn should be entirely visible. I am probably the only person on the board, or in the world, who thinks you might want to do this, though. Etaoin Shrdlu , Nov 6, Masondeanm , Nov 6, I would have taken it to be interrogative pronouns, simply because that's the most straightforward way to understand it. The indefinite pronouns aliquis, -qua, -quid usually drop their ali- if there is a preceeding word like ne , si , nisi or num. Without that, it is quite unusual and rare...

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Discussion in ' Lingua Latina Latin ' started by trisquela , Aug 25, Log in or Sign up. Dictionary and thread title search: Previous Thread Next Thread. Do ut des vs Quid pro quo Cagey moderator. Hi Is the same meaning for the two phrases? Last edited by a moderator: Anne Senior Member France. The phrase quid pro quo , or quiproquo from medieval Latin: In those languages, the phrase corresponding to the usage of quid pro quo in English is do ut des Latin for "I give, so that you may give". Anne , Aug 25, I'll just add that quid pro quo exactly means " something in return to something ". I understand that in Romanic languages "quid pro quo" means "to mistake one thing for another" as discussed above. Cagey , Dec 7, Have you read the 2nd post above? This is the Latin forum. As the Wiki article says, Quid pro quo "something for something" in Latin [1] means an exchange of goods or services, where one transfer is contingent upon the other. Scholiast , Dec 7, As this is the Latin forum, I would like now to know its Latin meaning if the phrase is used in Latin. Or, is this a Latin phrase that was not used in Latin? To my understanding, "quid pro quo" is a derivation of "quiproquo". The former had another meaning in English: This is cited in the Wikipedia article. Apparently, both the phrase and its meaning have evolved at least in English. Also, I would highlight that post 3 cites a Spanish Wiki page El error de pensar que "Quid pro quo" es "Do ut des " section that seems to contradict the poster's statement. I would like to know the meaning of the phrase...

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Quid pro quo "something for something" in Latin [1] is a Latin phrase used in English to mean an exchange of goods or services, in which one transfer is contingent upon the other; "a favour for a favour". Phrases with similar meanings include: In common law , quid pro quo indicates that an item or a service has been traded in return for something of value, usually when the propriety or equity of the transaction is in question. A contract must involve consideration: For example, when buying an item of clothing or a gallon of milk, a pre-determined amount of money is exchanged for the product the customer is purchasing; therefore, they have received something but have given up something of equal value in return. In the United States, if the exchange appears excessively one sided, courts in some jurisdictions may question whether a quid pro quo did actually exist and the contract may be held void. In cases of "Quid Pro Quo" business contracts, the term takes on a negative connotation because major corporations often cross ethical boundaries in order to enter into these very valuable, mutually beneficial, agreements with other major big businesses. In these deals, large sums of money are often at play and can consequently lead to promises of exclusive partnerships indefinitely or promises of distortion of economic reports, for example. Such conduct becomes bribery only when there is an identifiable exchange between the contribution and official acts, previous or subsequent, and the term quid pro quo denotes such an exchange. In United States labor law , workplace sexual harassment can take two forms; either "Quid pro quo" harassment or hostile work environment harassment. Only supervisors who have the authority to make tangible employment actions i. Co-workers and non-decision making supervisors cannot engage in "Quid pro...

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In common usage, quid pro quo refers to the giving of one valuable thing for another. Quid pro quo has the same meaning in the law but with varying implications in different contexts. Quid pro quo, or the exchange of valuable consideration, is required for the formation of a valid contract between individuals who are not merchants. This requirement of mutual consideration, or the exchange of something of value, indicates the sincerity of the parties' intent to adhere to the contract between them. The term quid pro quo is also used in the contexts of politics and Sexual Harassment. In politics quid quo pro can refer to the use of political office for personal benefit. For instance, an elected official might promise favorable governmental treatment to a person in exchange for something of value. This form of quid pro quo would be a violation of the law. On the federal level, the Hobbs Act 18 U. Trading campaign contributions for promises of official actions or inactions are also prohibited under the act. In the area of sexual harassment, quid pro quo describes a form of sexual blackmail. Quid pro quo sexual harassment is the conditioning of employment benefits on an employee's sub-mission to unwelcome sexual conduct. Title VII of the civil rights act 42 U. Most courts follow the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's guidelines and hold that the necessary quid pro quo exists if submission to unwelcome sexual advances "is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment" or if submission to unwelcome sexual advances "is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual" 29 C. Latin for "something for something," to identify what each party to an agreement expects from the other, sometimes called mutual consideration. Example of its use: This phrase...

Quid pro quo latin for

What is a 'Quid Pro Quo'

What's the origin of the phrase 'Quid pro quo'?. A Latin term meaning 'something for something' or 'this for that'. The idea is more commonly expressed in. Aug 25, - It transpires that "an exchange of goods or services, where one transfer is contingent upon the other" is NOT the Latin meaning of the phrase. By the way, the original latin phrase is "Qui pro quo". Phrase: quid pro quo. Meaning: fair exchange. Language of Origin: Latin. Additional Information: Literally “this for that”, it can have a slightly sarcastic undertone.

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