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Pro teen curfew

The topic of teenager curfews is usually a controversial one. Parents Pro teen curfew curfews to protect their teens, and teens often feel this is Pro teen curfew unfair limitation placed upon them. Curfews imposed by state and local governments are even more controversial because it is not only teenagers who disagree with these laws, but many adults as well. Teenager curfews have been around for centuries as the adult population has tried to keep adolescents safe. Most adults can remember being annoyed when hearing feen parents tell them they had to be home at a particular time. Many adults also experienced Free pic pussy video "grounded for life" for violating a curfew. Adhering to a curfew is one of the first ways many Pro teen curfew learned to handle the responsibilities that go along with freedom. Parents have many motivations for imposing curfews on ten. The Foreign bride directory russian one is because they care for their teen and want them to be safe. Parents have a responsibility to their children both morally and legally to keep them safe and monitor their activities. It is also a matter of social courtesy to Pro teen curfew when to expect a teenager to be home. Parents need to know when their child tene coming home so that they Pro teen curfew get some sleep. Often, it is not the behavior of the teenager that is of concern to a parent, but the behavior of other people and how it will impact them. For example, driving home at 11pm is usually much safer than driving furfew at 2am when the bars have closed and the instance of people teenn under the influence increases. Drunk drivers create a life-threatening hazard as they try to make their way home. A curfew is...

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Across the country, parents, communities and teens debate for or against curfews. In the United States, curfew laws generally apply to minors under the age of Put in place to keep them safe from harm, many teenagers feel that curfews limit their freedom and place unnecessary restrictions on them. But curfew laws also keep minors out of harm's way -- as perpetrators or victims -- during the hours when most criminal activity occurs. Residents in counties and cities across the United States look to curfew laws to keep kids safe. The night is the time that gangs typically gather to commit violence under the cover of darkness. Some gangs even travel to adjoining counties that do not have curfew laws to fight rival gangs, often resulting in escalated violence and death. When local governments impose a curfew, its purpose is to protect the innocent and corral the guilty. On the opposite side of the coin, curfews place limitations and restrictions on those affected equally, good and bad. This can upset minors who hold down jobs that may keep them up past the curfew's limit. Most any juvenile outside during the curfew may be judged as being of ill intent, which might not be the case at all. Law enforcement agencies may paint those who break curfew with the same brush, when the teen was doing nothing wrong other than traveling home from work or a school event. The traditional argument in support of curfew may stem from the perceived notion of teen criminal activity occurring mostly at night. Crimes committed by juveniles carrying a firearm are more likely between the hours of 7: Department of Justice in May Juvenile crimes with a firearm include such criminal acts as violent sexual assault, murder, robbery, and simple and aggravated assault,...

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Many crimes are committed at night. A curfew helps protect the children. Besides, what would a child be doing out late at night? Some places in the US really do need a curfew because of the rates of crimes being committed. Kids might complain "they are taking away our rights" when they should think about the other children in other countries where they don't have rights to basic things. And what is the problem with staying at home by around In everything we'll do, our parents should be involve. They know more than we do And it does not mean that as a teen, we should be the only one in control of our action.. Remember that the freedom we long do need a limitation. As long as we are at home, we are safe. I think having a curfew is a great idea, not just for minors, but for everyone. Having a curfew would minimize crime almost completely if the risk of being out was high. I'm currently watching a movie where this is a curfew and if your out past then, you die. Now I'm not saying we should have a death penalty, but curfews work the best if the risk out-ways peoples "plans". However, having a strict curfew can be dangerous, people can revolt and try to overthrow the government if said "government" was being corrupt. I know many kids and even adults have fun at night and want their "freedom" but no-one has freedom anyways. True freedom would be harsh and cut throat billions would die, because people would have freedom to kill,steal and rape if they are stronger then the other. Like so many already said Yes people need freedom but there will always be a need for limitations to keep the freedom we...

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More than cities in the United States enforce juvenile curfew laws, but the effectiveness of such laws remains debatable. Do juvenile curfew laws really keep kids out of trouble? Or do they unnecessarily restrict kids from having fun? We ask these questions because some people think curfews are unfair in that they chastise everyone under 18 over the fault of a few young delinquents. Here we list down the pros and cons of teenage curfew to shed a little light and to inspire educational discussion over the matter. Peace of Mind for Parents Having curfew means that those under 18 get as much adult supervision as possible. This lessens the chances of them getting involved in juvenile violence and crime. Parents often feel assured and relieved having their kids at home and not on the streets at a certain time. Safety Driving and hanging out during late night hours puts teenagers in a risky situation. Driving or traveling at night poses greater dangers than traveling at daytime. In addition, curfew keeps them away from temptations such as drug use, violent acts, sexual risks, heavy partying, and alcohol intake. With a curfew, parents can trust their children to be home at a specific time, making it easier to manage the household. Structured Teenage Life The young people have so much energy, curiosity and passion within them they tend to lose control and have difficulty making smart decisions. A curfew puts limit and structure to their otherwise random ways. It allows teens to form commendable habits such as taking responsibility, showing respect and prioritizing safety. Prevents Juvenile Delinquency Sneaking out of the house very late at night generally puts teenagers in a position because they no longer have the protection and security outside the family environment. Teenagers become more vulnerable to participating...

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The Tucson Citizen invited two of its teen columnists, Coreen Gallego and Daniel Hume, to write about city and county curfew laws. Gallego is a senior at Sabino High School. Hume is a junior at Sunnyside High School. The issue of teen curfew has been raised in many cities and states. I am strongly for the idea. For years, the night has been haunted not by the bogeyman, but a crime wave. This crime wave has been sweeping all corners of the city. And much of this night crime is produced by mere children. Most teen crime is caused by a lack of something to do. Ever since I can remember, I did not want to be in bed at 8: When kids finally get old enough to stay up late, they realize that there is nothing to do at night. With nothing to do, they get bored. Suddenly the simple idea of hanging out turns into much more. This has been a problem for many generations. Boredom is the problem, and no positive cure for nighttime boredom has been found. That leaves no other choice than to take action, such as imposing a curfew law. This law was designed to reduce crime, not limit the rights of teens. Teen-agers have no business being out after midnight. The law imposes a 10 p. Some say that we teens should be allowed out after midnight, that the law is unconstitutional, and that the law should be abolished. Other than bars, few businesses are open at this time. What other reason is there to stay out? Maybe it is to be with your girlfriend or boyfriend for a longer period of time? Maybe to do drugs or just cruise around in your new car? Why do we need to cruise at night...

Pro teen curfew

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Apr 26, - To resolve this issue, here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages regarding the curfew intended for teenagers. Mar 28, - Should parents impose teenage curfew on their children? Is it proper for the government to make teenage curfew a law? This issue has been. Feb 20, - NOTE: PHOTO/2 PHOTO MUGS. Editor's note: The Tucson Citizen invited two of its teen columnists, Coreen Gallego and Daniel Hume, to write.

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