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#1 Peeping tom chartier

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Peeping tom chartier

Paintings swallow people whole. Sculptures spring to life. On the gallery walls, madonnas routinely disappear, replaced by self-portraits of Free gay twink pissing photo groups. Art has a life of its own. This is the world of Mother, created by Peeping Toma company capable of crawling right under your skin. The Belgium-based dance-theatre group, led by real-life partners Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier, create work that defies logic. Their productions swirl with strange, surreal images. Peeping tom chartier swing from silly to unsettling in a few steps, until audiences are bamboozled. These are shows that refuse to be shaken off. Last time they came to London, with 32 Rue VandenbrandenCarrizo and Chartier won the Olivier award for best new dance production. Mother Peeping tom chartier them back to the Barbican for the London international mime festival. Set in a shifting, amorphous art gallery with white walls and windowed rooms, it shows us a strange spectrum of motherhood. Pregnant women flail around in high heels. Cleaners splosh in flooded rooms. A coffee machine becomes a lover and a child lives her whole life in an incubator. All the way through, birth jostles with death; illness with care; machines with human creation. Its overload of imagery means it Peeping tom chartier with ideas and, when I saw it in Helsinki last September, it left me rattled. Mother is the second part Brazil lesbian tube a trilogy. After 15 years collaborating, Chartier and Carrizo Peeping tom chartier to work alone for the first time. He would create a piece around fatherhood and she Peeping tom chartier make one about motherhood, before reuniting, infor a piece called Child. Janitors sweep the stage like zombies and pensioners are wheeled around like prisoners. Both shows stemmed from the same thing: Both felt Peeping tom...

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Vader Father , directed by Franck Chartier , is the first part of a family trilogy. After a world premiere on 10 May in Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen, DE , the production has been touring extensively throughout Europe and in Japan. Vader was followed in by Moeder Mother , under the direction of Gabriela Carrizo. The trilogy will close in with Kind Child. Vader is set in the visiting area of an old-folks home whose towering walls accentuate the fact that the action takes place deep underground. At the centre of this netherworld, somewhere between the world of the living and the dead, stands the figure of the father, who seems to be distancing himself gradually from the human community. His fading is drawn, not from the story of one individual, but from the mythology of the father, and in scenes that explode into action, and just as suddenly stop, this figure appears at once as God-like and ridiculous, as possessed of a rich mental life, and as disconnected, decaying, empty. His past may harbour a deep secret, or maybe he is simply mad or delusional. The other residents and the staff wonder at him, regarding him with amusement and hatred, affection and indifference. The piece plays on the widening gap between perception and reality, on the way time for the old appears to slow down so as to correspond to the lagging rhythm of their gestures, or articulate speech is received as static and music as noise, or the world itself seems to make sense only insofar as it is the embodiment of a memory. With poignancy and wit, Vader explores the moment when the memories or are they fancies, hallucinations? For us, it was nice to go deeper into the character of the father, to see where we...

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Peeping tom chartier


Choreographer Franck Chartier (, France) founded the Brussels-based collective Peeping Tom in , together with Gabriela Carrizo. Since then Peeping. Rehearsal Matters interview with GABRIELA CARRIZO and FRANCK CHARTIER - PEEPING TOM. Since. @PeepingTomDance. Peeping Tom is a Brussels based dance & theater company founded by Gabriela.

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