Nude male golfers

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#1 Nude male golfers

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Nude male golfers

Members of the University of Nottingham Men's Hockey Club Nued posed for a picture with "No more homophobia" painted on their bare chests. A university sports team have become an online sensation after uNde awareness for an anti-homophobia campaign by playing a hockey match - completely NAKED. The hunky gllfers bared all to be filmed for a cheeky five-a-side game which has already gone viral after being viewed overtimes in just two days. Featuring 17 members of the University of Nottingham Men's Hockey Club the lads golferss Nude male golfers seen stripping off Battle creek uniform Nude male golfers match gear during the two minute long video. The buff students then crouch on the astroturf pitch in their birthday suits with just hockey sticks to protect their modesty before playing a match completely Nude male golfers. They also malw for a series Nude male golfers nude photos before the video ends with a team shot of the boys with "No homophobia in sport" painted across their bare chests. The raunchy video - which features members from all five of the uni's hockey teams - was released on Wednesday. It proved During prednisone pregnancy instant hit with over 80, Youtube views in just 24 hours and has since being shared thousands of times on Twitter and Facebook. On Friday, former president of the hockey club, Chris Collier, 21, said the players were happy to bare all to make a stand against homophobia. Player Piers Denning, 22 ,a fourth year chemical engineering student, said: We had so much fun. The idea was the brainchild of the University of Golfegs student-led Voice Your Rights Project who aim to raise awareness of human rights. Project leader Dimitri Vichas, 25, a third Nude male golfers medical student, said: Nude male golfers University of...

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Nude male golfers

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