Louisiana pageant boards

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#1 Louisiana pageant boards

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Louisiana pageant boards

T his site has not been Loouisiana in sometime I expect to have Louisiana pageant boards Current by this weekend. America's Darling Message Board. America's Gorgeous Girls Mid-Atlantic. Arkansas Good, Bad Louisiana pageant boards Ridiculous. Arkansas Pageant Locator Forum. Beauty of the Universe. Catherine Fiehn Photography Homepage. Congrats Board No Ads. Country Bumpkin Texas Pageant Productions. Creative Designs by Luisiana. Crystal Dynasty Bulletin Board. Danielle's Michigan Psgeant Message Board. Desi's Closet Web Site. East Coast Wife bondage thumbs Information. Glitzy Girls Message Board. Hollywood Babe Gently Worn. Imperial Miss Georgia Beauty Pageants. New Jordan's Pageant Pages. Girls and Boys Pageants Talk Board. Latin Beauty of the Universe. Miss Louisiana Louisiana pageant boards Cajun Beauty. Mississippi Pageant Sisters Board. Mercedes Danielles Pageant Board. Miss Alisha's Message Board. Miss Louisiana pageant boards Master American Photo Contest. New England Star Pageants. New York Pageant Messages. Northern Belle Pageant Forum. Northern California Pageant Board. Our Little Miss Scholarship Competitions. Queen of Hearts Pageantry of Texas. Royalty Miss Message Board. Royal Productions of Georgia Web Site. Royal Productions of Georgia Message Board. Seasonal Bards Sweepstakes Contest. National September 21, in Florida. Sweet Dreams Online Pageant. The Picture of Elegance. Tropical Dream Star - Mid West. Troy and Michael Photography. Upcoming Pageants Predictions Board.

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Home Forums Recruiting Pick'em Page 1 2 3. Page 1 of 3. I don't get pageant culture I'd rather my daughter play a team sport that teaches them how to be a team player. Pageant culture is stupid. I've banged the winners of various pageants probably 50 times in my life. I'd rather my daughter play a team sport Why would you rather your daughter act like a man? Miss Louisiana pageant Pics? Member since Mar posts. I dated one and had secks with a couple others. There are multiple Miss Louisiana pageants. It's funny when someone wins the shitty less popular one and acts like she reigns over the state. I find all of those competitions absurd. The bigger the pageant, the bigger the scholarship, the bigger the payout. You may as well ask why parents pay so much money to put their kids in travel ball. It's the same concept. Pageants are a sport with college scholarships on the line. Did you run a train on any of them? I dated one for a while then she got tired and said that I "drank" too much. Made going to the pageants a little more enjoyable with a buzz. Seems like weak ROI bro. Sounds like just saving the money you put into padgents would be better to save for college. Teaching our daughters how you dress and look is really important: Builds self-esteem for your shy kids. Scholarships, but then you're spending a ton on the pageants. I really don't care, unless you're putting makeup on your four year old and parading her around.

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Louisiana pageant boards

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We also link to news boards that spotlight large systems such as Miss America Ark-La-Tex Pageant board & Consignment BBVFD Pageants Message Board. Alabama. Florida. Georgia. Kentucky. Louisiana. America's Darling Message Board Arkansas & Missouri Pageant Information Board · Audition Miss Louisiana pageant is stupid - I don't get pageant culture why would anyone waste their time & money on This non-sense.

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