Lesbian night clubs in vancouver

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#1 Lesbian night clubs in vancouver

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Lesbian night clubs in vancouver

Montreal, Canadaby Sid 2. Seattleby Marley 7. Washington DCby Keena 8. Spokane, Washingtonby Ana Cleveland, Ohioby Lora Dublin, Irelandby Una Vancouver, Canadaby Kathryn. My name is Kathryn and I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to my hometown: If any of you are Vancouver Queer Scene experts — and I imagine that you are — please give your own tips in the comments! In addition to being a naturally spectacular city, Vancouver is one of the most LGBT friendly cities in Canada, second only to Toronto or maybe Montreal. Homosexuality was made legal Next to nothing lingerie Canada in and the province of British Columbia has had same-sex marriage equality since When people do stare, or ask questions, its usually out of basic curiosity and not animosity. Everyone from the mayor to members of small social justice groups participate in this event. I had the opportunity to volunteer for them as an office assistant last year and the amount of dedication and work that goes into planning pride is staggering. The Lesbian night clubs in vancouver typically takes place on the B. There are two main gaybourhoods: Who knows, but I digress. This little hidden away treasure has long been the subject of controversy. Big Brotherthat is hard to find, but totally worth State sex offenders web-site because it interviews some important authors like Jane Rule and Sarah Schulman. Anyways, The West Endalthough friendly to all the colours of the rainbow, is Natural remedies for prostate enlargement populated by gay men. Commercial Drive is where the lesbians are at. This funky east side neighbourhood is located at a major transit hub the Sky Train and originally hosted a large Italian Canadian population. More recently, the drive has been taken over by poor students, hipsters and dykes....

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So where do all these lovely people hang out after the sun has set behind the snow capped mountains that rim our beautiful harbour city? The demise of the Lesbian Bar in cities across North America has been much lamented in blogs and articles online but in Vancouver a new dynamic in lesbian nightlife has flourished in its place. Here is a current list of lesbian and lesbian-inclusive events happening in Vancouver. Be sure to click through to the websites to confirm dates and information. Held every long weekend at the Red Room Ultra Bar but check their website for venue changes , there is always a great crowd and a packed house. Flygirl also hosts other events, including the famous Chicas Party and Cruise during Vancouver Pride. Typically Hershe appeals to a younger crowd but women of all ages know how to party and this is the place to do it. Wild Fruit attracts a diverse crowd of women aged 19 through 70! While this is an open queer event, many of my lesbian girlfriends love it. The organizers also promise seasonal Craft Beer Tasting Parties coming soon. The venue is typically The Cobalt and is often followed by Man Up downtown Vancouver on Main, but be sure to join the facebook group to be informed. Man Up describes itself as a monthly gender performance cabaret and queer dance party in East Vancouver. The event is held at the newly renovated Cobalt downtown Vancouver near Science World. You can find more information on their facebook page: The Lick Club was one of the last lesbian bars in Vancouver when it finally closed in On their Facebook page you can read: You can also find Babes on Babes Vancity facebook here: Upcoming dances can be found here: Great dance...

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Vancouver is without a doubt a young and vibrant city. This boundless enthusiasm is reflected in the diverse array of activities available when the sun goes down. From theater and live music to nightclubs and dive bars, there's no shortage of ways to kick up your heels. While there are only about 10 specifically gay clubs and bars, most of the top nightclubs have at least one gay event a month, so check one of the local calendars for direction. Known for its hot bartenders and waitstaff, serves a high-end cocktail menu in a relaxed lounge setting. The interior is long and narrow, with several seating The Junction is a gay club with Top 40 music, basic decor and a standard drink menu. Drag queen shows and a generally hopping dance floor will keep your blood With a 90s soundtrack, tons of beer on tap and a cheeky unisex bathroom, Score on Davie is almost always a good time. The food menu has been a big hit with locals The Pumpjack is large enough to fit a dance floor and several seating areas with plenty of room left over to breathe, and the drinks are cheap. Some nights will see. The Odyssey - sometimes called "The O" - used to be one of the anchors of the gay nightclub scene. Though it has hit a few rough patches along the way and was closed Celebrities is one of the most popular watering holes in Davie Village. The calendar includes a number of live concerts, but if you just want to dance the night away Dark and sexy with a decibel level that allows for conversation, the Granville Room is a bar for grown ups with cocktails to match. Rather than the ubiquitous beer Though technically not a lesbian bar,...

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Lesbian night clubs in vancouver

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Click on the arrow to explore business photos. The Pumpjack Pub. 42 reviews. $$ Gay Bars. The Fountainhead Pub. reviews. $$ Pubs. Guilt & Company. reviews. The Metropole Community Pub. 63 reviews. Cactus Club Cafe. reviews. Pub 26 reviews. The Bimini Public House. 73 reviews. The Pint Public House. Vancouver is without a doubt a young and vibrant city. goes down. From theater and live music to nightclubs and dive bars, there's no shortage of ways to kick. See who won for Best Lesbian Club Event/Bar as selected by people in Vancouver.

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