Huge ass stories

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#1 Huge ass stories

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Huge ass stories

Log in Sign Up. Lit Live Webcams Lucky spin? Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Huge ass stories Portal huge ass. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time 30 Days All Time. The Voluptuous and the Vile An impossibly voluptuous paladin hunts a vile monster. Caleb Gets a Genie A guy meets a Genie while buying a gift for his girlfriend. Andrea's Hotel Stay Antique brass bathroom accessories. First time I touched a girl's boobs and how it all happened! Gloria's Transformations -the Freak Online sex stimulation submits to enlargement of her nipples, tits, and ass. Larissa the Sttories Revenge leads to love? Big Boss Booty Getting more than he bargained for Lilly Clarke is a Voyeur A buxom old woman finds her bedroom window is a popular spot. Boss Booty Two cheeks one boss. F has a surprise for daughter's boyfriend!! F blackmails her daughter's boyfriend for sex!! Holiday It's better to have loved and lost Gloria's Transformation - Terrill Another escapade of a gorgeous, sexy nympho. The Ashanti Chapters Ch. Sabrina the Teenage Bitch Ch. Silver Plains Brother and chubby Huge ass stories grow a little too close. It Only Gets Better Pt. Not Related by Blood Aunt tries to get closer to nephew. Close Stoires You Young man and pregnant, childhood friend grow closer. The Cat in Latex Nightwing has no chance against Catwoman dressed like Huge ass stories. Legion Huge ass stories unfriendly heroes fight and fuck their hatred out. A Gift from Stogies A young man becomes involved with an unusual woman Churned On The Beach Judy's slurps up a young stud with her huge tits. His World - School Ch. Priscilla Bunda Big-butt Brazilian singer meets with a fan. Cum Eating Aunt And he's ready to provide. Danny's Butt Mom Ch....

#2 How to hire nude models

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How to hire nude models

Log in Sign Up. Lit Live Webcams Lucky spin? Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal big ass. Views Rating Favorite Newest. Happy Father's Day Ch. Erotic Pool Time with Mom Pt. Amy's Birthday Surprise It's that time of year. The yearly mating of Sheldon Cooper. The Voluptuous and the Vile An impossibly voluptuous paladin hunts a vile monster. Rosetta molds the mind of a client. Coming Down on Daughter Parents unhappy with her provocative videos. Andrea's Hotel Stay Ch. Retirement Home Massage Therapy Ch. The Slutty Commercial Ch. The two hottest seniors convince him to be their lab partner. How I Became a Slave The conclusion to a young man's journey. Niles "Steel" Trapp Ch. Deborah I have an incredible time with Joanne's mother. Humiliated at the Sperm Bank Humiliated at the sperm bank by sexy nurse over his dick. Naughty Moms' Club Moms playing away are exploited by their sons. Fucking the Fatties at Work Pt. Life with the DeVals Ch. The Asylum Sexy big assed girl gets used on a class trip to a prison. Chronicles of Lexx the Orc Ch. Truth or Dare Threesome An interracial menage a trois on a lonely mountain night. The Wolf's Secret Pt. Emma and Juliet Yeah, it turns out Juliet was lesbian Submissive Mistress She got to be the one in charge, for a bit. The Red Fox Ch. We Have a Student Guest When fantasy becomes reality. My Sister's Lotion Pt. Her Hudson Bay Canadian cold brings couple together in a warm train car. A Fall from the Pedestal Pt. Just when you thought it was over. That Ass, Though A redhead loses a bet to a friend with a big secret. Bitch is Taught a Lesson Crystal mistreats people, gets her comeuppance and likes it....

#3 Van het product een voor ben

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Van het product een voor ben

Welcome, readers, to Butt Week. I have a inch waist and inch hips. When you have a big butt, people throw that word at you a lot. The more I squat, the more it grows. And that was before butts were cool. Thunderbutt was my nickname. Jeggings got me through college. They can play with it for days. I had a boyfriend who used to lick it. A friend who was dating the actor Jamie Foxx asked me to wear a long baggy sweater once when we went out with him. I agreed to hide the fanny, but he seemed to be able to just sense it was there. All men inevitably beg for anal sex. One pain in the rear I always endure is the inevitable spanking. It still has nerve endings, people. Men aside, my butt and I do face other challenges. I buy my dresses and pants multiple sizes bigger to be able to fit my rear, then get the rest taken in by a tailor. But, no matter how I dress, I somehow always end up looking like a Kardashian. The only thing I can wear off the rack is black and clothes with stretch. Spanx are my pals, but even they seem to get lost in the crevices. And then there are the logistical nightmares that come with having an ample bottom. My posterior also always manages to become the subject of conversation. When I reunited with my best friend after a month apart, the first words out of her mouth were: Girls stare just as much as men. Everyone can see it, trust me. When I hear about women who are considering rear augmentation, it lifts me up. There are people who want this. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr Instagram.

#4 Diaper swappers forum

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Diaper swappers forum

With the phone cradled between his shoulder and ear he scanned a report while waiting for his party to answer. This was life in the new age of business! It was a nonstop twenty four hours a day go go go world. Ten years ago he never would have dreamed that his whole life would have revolved around what was happening on the Tokyo stock exchange! He was just in the middle of a conversation with an associate in Japan when his eye caught a movement down the hall from his office. He finished up his business and went to investigate. Padding down the plushly carpeted hall he peeked into an empty office only to find a black cleaning woman diligently going about her business. She was startled at his appearance at the open door and stammered, "Oh, Mr. Hudson, you scared me! As he settled back down behind his desk he couldn't help but notice that he had and incredibly hard erection forming a tent in the front of his pants. He rifled through a stack of papers while trying to get back to the business at hand but was unable to shake the feeling of arousal that had enveloped him. An hour later and lost I thought Mike literally jumped when a soft knock on his door frame followed by a soft, "Do you mind if I do your office now? Mike groaned softly while staring at the woman's huge ass struggling to break free from her work dress. This woman was at least twenty years his senior and to put it mildly was bit a little on the hefty side! He desperately tried concentrating on his work but to no avail as sweat had begun to break out on his forehead! The woman turned around, and after...

#5 Teens and cell phone use

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Teens and cell phone use

I was surprised to get a reply from the ad I placed on the net looking for a women who wanted to fuck in front of her husband. I had requested a woman aged from 35 to 50, over weight and not uncomfortable with it. The reply was short requesting a meet in a hotel in London, I had said when I would be visiting London etc. When I walked into the hotel bar I saw her straight away sitting at the bar, she was dressed as she said she would be in a knee length skirt, white blouse with her hair down and lots of make up. She was as requested over weight and about ish, with what looked like an enormous pair of tits and a ass that hung over the bar stool on both sides. He looked nervous as hell drinking his pint of beer. I walked up and introduced myself to them both, she gave me a big smile but he just shook my hand and said nothing. After two drinks me and Amelia where getting on fine, she had moved closer to me brushing her knees against me and flirting like mad. When I moved my hand onto her leg she said nothing but moved closer still. The bar was full by now with music playing and people coming and going. I managed to move my hand up between her legs until I reached her stocking tops and touched the flesh above them. This works for me every time and my cock was hard in my pants. I followed them both to their hotel room on the second floor, which was nice and big with a sofa and bed. When she reached around and opened it her tits flopped out and down below her waist...

Huge ass stories

Give Me That Big Ass

Oct 7, - I also wondered where she went to find clothes to fit her huge ass. After a few more . There will be more vore stories on the way. I promise. I rest her big butt on my lap and place my prick against her moist muff. for a few moments, then pump her in deep thrusts, completely buried in her huge ass. Mike groaned softly while staring at the woman's huge ass struggling to break free from her work dress. "What in the heck was the matter with him??!" he asked.

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