How to correct late swing softball

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#1 How to correct late swing softball

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How to correct late swing softball

We have move to are new Softball community site. The New Forum is up and running, with many more feature coming. Follow the Link below for the new site. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of My DD is consistantly swinging late. Her swing is okay, well maybe sometimes she dips, but for the most part is late. Her corretc has worked on How to correct late swing softball, and so have I, but I cannot get her to start that swing any sooner, she wants to hit it on top of the plate, and waits til the ball gets there. My response this Longest orgasm ever video is to crank up the pitching machine to Alice sebolds mommy and daddy 13u in 09 and let her get used to it. I don't How to correct late swing softball any other wayhire a flame thrower to throw live BP? That will cause a dipping appearance and cause the elbow to ho ahead of the hands creating a bad first laet. I am sure others will way in on this but that is a my novice correch of the first thing to look at. The pitcher never stops their motion once they start and as a hitter we want to match their motion with ours. When the pitcher starts their up swing motion with the ball in their hand, we load by doing a simple Affordable accesories for teens cock motion or turning the lead foot Teenage over achievers inward slightly and as the pitcher gets to softbsll K position where the ball is at the 12 o'clock position or is directly over her head, we go to toe touch. We How to correct late swing softball our hitters think slow to load soft to...

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Reaching your potential as a power hitter is a simple concept, but a hard task. To hit the ball with your potential maximum force you simply have to tap into all of your available resources as an athlete. Your resources are simple, your body. The secret is to do things in the right order. If you will allow your body to do things in the right order your power will go up. You may hear this called separation or stretch as well. At this point she has a choice, continue the swing or stop the swing. The choice is hers. At this position notice that her hands are still in a strong position and her barrel is pointed away from the catcher. This is a great position. After looking at elite hitters at all levels a lot of average hitters can get into a good Toe Touch position, and then things fall apart. So, I no longer call this a hitting position. What I do call this now is the last checkpoint before our swing really becomes loaded. Have you ever noticed when working with the best hitters they sometimes have late actions in their swing that make you nervous? They try to load right away and then just fall apart during the stride. Here is what is great about Amber. Now that her back leg and hips are beginning to take a violent action into rotation, you can see her bottom wrist begin to create an angle or resistance to allow her to get the proper sequence in the swing. The belly button is still facing the camera so it is turned less than the hips, which means the hips are ahead of everything else in the swing. Now look at the bat, still angled away from the catcher....

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Posted by Ken Krause. Which is pretty common, especially when the pitcher can really bring it. Posted on May 5, , in Hitting. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Life in the Fastpitch Lane Thoughts, ideas and musings on fastpitch softball. Home About Ken Krause. At which point she winds up making the positive move too late, the front foot gets down too late, and the swing is late. Usually when the swing is late you assume the hitter started too late. If that were true the solution would be to start sooner. What ends up happening is a loss of momentum that slows you down. Think about hitting a nail with a hammer. If you want to hit it hard, you start with the hammer close to nail, pull the hammer up then bring it down immediately. It all happens in one continuous motion. Now think about what would happen if you started with the hammer in the same place, pulled it up and then paused before bringing it down. There would be a loss of power. The purpose of the load of the hitter or the hammer is to break inertia. You know — a body at rest tends to remain at rest, and a body in motion tends to remain in motion. Getting the swing started requires a lot of energy to be expended just to get going. But if you load first, you can come off of that and have more energy to put into the swing. That all requires you to be in continuous motion, however....

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How to correct late swing softball

Re: late swing

The first thing I look for with a hitter struggling (i.e. late to contact, spinning off the This process reinforces the proper swing sequence and often helps correct. Apr 29, - While swinging a bat is largely a physical skill, timing is a visual one. We have to match our swing with an oncoming ball, and that takes a. Aug 6, - My DD is consistantly swinging late. Her swing is okay, well maybe sometimes she dips, but for the most part is late. Her coach has worked on it.

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