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#1 Hey you suck song

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Hey you suck song

Now, Bon Jovi is getting Hey you suck song same treatment — in his own home state. Hey you suck song officials wanted to replace Glitter for two reasons: Fans were so loud in their displeasure Friday night, the team has already scrapped the song. According to Devils fan club the Section Crazies a few minutes ago:. Today the Devils organization had a meeting and they will use a different song over the next 3 home games and have some kind of fan vote from what I was told. So its up to us yoi on what the next goal song will be. It will NOT be the Hey song. They stressed it is not coming back. So Devils fans we have to forget about the hey song and move on from this. They Hey you suck song to change the culture. Its not a good fit. There have been many complaints by the fans about changing the goal song since opening night. They understand the fans are unhappy and do not like change but the Hey song is not coming back. I said if you want to see the Hottest german girl fans happy then bring back the Hey song! Some fans have called in and emailed to the Devils they are thinking of boycotting the Channel porno venus until the Hey song comes yku which I think that is a bit overboard there. To each is own I guess and its their money and tickets. We will have to wait and Married men cock what they are going to do and which songs they are going to use during the next three home games. It will be interesting. Still think this is sobg to fail once again but the Devils Hey you suck song set...

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Largest dildo in ass

No memes, image macros, or unrelated low-content posts as submissions. They are allowed as comments. Use the game and post-game threads for discussion of ongoing and recent games. If your post would suffice as a comment in a game or post-game thread, it probably belongs there. Gary Glitter convicted of sex abuse npr. You can still do the You Suck chant too! Which is why I don't want that song in our arena. It was good while it lasted but he raped a girl younger than Fans can say how the Devils edited RnRPt2 just enough that Glitter didn't receive royalties from it being played, but no matter what, he's still going to be associated with the song, and fans both of the Devils and other teams will mention how the Devils use the song of a pedophile. If they had said "We don't want to be associated with the artist in anyway" they wouldn't really be at much fault. People would still be pissed, but at least there was a logical reason behind it. Personally I like the fans who play it on the horn after the goal scorer is announced and they don't try to drown up people chanting "you suck" over the new goal song anymore. This is a good harmony. Yeah, if they came out and said initially that the reason behind changing it was the allegations against Glitter, than that would probably go over a tad better. But they said it was the "You suck" that made them change it. Fans obviously didn't like that since it felt like they were censoring them. Now more people are saying it than before. The way they ran those shams of "fan votes" just smacked of "we don't like the fact you people yell negative things out...

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Hey you suck song

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Ilya Kovalchuck of the New Jersey Devils scores the winning goal in Overtime with 20 seconds left against the. You can still do the You Suck chant too! fans (both of the Devils and other teams) will mention how the Devils use the song of a pedophile.“You Suck” Chant. Listen to Hey You Suck! football song free, Nashville Predators fan chant lyrics. A NP soccer chant.

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