Growing pains of private medicare plans

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#1 Growing pains of private medicare plans

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Growing pains of private medicare plans

Lambrew Brookings Institution PressNov 1, - Medical - pages 0 Reviews Everyone agrees on the need to reform Medicare but not on how to do it. Some argue the program is too comprehensive, others that it is not comprehensive enough. Some suggest it pays too much for health care, others, too little. Meanwhile, the financial stakes continue to mount. In R eforming Medicare, Henry J. Aaron and Jeanne M. Lambrew deftly guide readers through this complex debate. They identify and analyze the three leading approaches to reform. Updated social insurance would retain the current system while rationalizing coverage and reducing bureaucracy. Premium support would replace the current system with a capped, Growing pains of private medicare plans payment that beneficiaries could Anime xxx club to buy health insurance. Consumer-directed Medicare would have beneficiaries pay for care up to a high deductible from government- supported savings accounts and offer premium-support coverage above the deductible. In addition to rating each option on its ability to promote access to health care, improve the quality of care, and control costs, the authors evaluate each reform's political strengths and weaknesses. Given the heat generated by the Medicare debate, it is unlikely that any single approach will be implemented in full. Consequently, Aaron and Lambrew describe incremental strategies that blend elements of each plan. Their analysis provides essential insight into the types Growing pains of private medicare plans hybrid policies that Congress will consider in coming years. Among his many books are Can We Say No? Lambrew is associate professor of public affairs at the Lyndon B. From toshe worked on health policy in the Growing pains of private medicare plans White House. Asian character tatoos focuses his practice on general health law, including the representation of hospitals, health systems, and other health care...

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It has been about three years since White Oak Management, which operates 15 skilled-nursing facilities in the Carolinas, began to embrace the growing shift to Medicare managed-care contracts, along with the negotiations and new administrative requirements that come with these deals. As more beneficiaries enroll in Medicare Advantage and as more states look to rein in costs through expansion of Medicaid managed care , post-acute providers such as nursing homes are facing the kind of managed care growing pains hospitals experienced in the s. That's been accelerated by the development of alternative payment models such as accountable care organizations in the private sector as well. Providers and patient advocacy groups worry that managed care might have harmful effects on vulnerable post-acute patients, particularly those with disabilities who need long-term services and supports in their homes and communities. Those concerns have arisen in New York state, which last year required Medicaid patients needing extended long-term care to enroll in a managed-care plan. Now they have to confront the challenge of billing 10 to 12 plans that have slightly different requirements. I'm sure they'll get over that learning curve, but there have been cash-flow issues and significant breakdowns in payment as the organizations try to figure out what this new world looks like. Instead of primarily billing traditional Medicare and Medicaid, these providers increasingly are negotiating with managed-care plans to increase their revenue stream and stay viable. There came a time in the past three years that we pretty much threw in the towel. James Michel, director of Medicare research and reimbursement at the American Health Care Association, which represents skilled-nursing and other post-acute providers, says Medicare Advantage plans are attractive to beneficiaries because they often offer lower co-payments or co-insurance. This has created challenges for providers who know what they get...

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Growing pains of private medicare plans

A Brief History of Medicare: Medicare Advantage

Medicare privatisations have growing pains. Julie Rovner But with reduced payments, private plans have been slow to sign up. Many people will be waiting to. His annual savings compared to his pre-Medicare Part d coverage would be $2, less $, or $1, Growing pains of private Medicare plans. The Wall. Jane Zhang, “Growing Pains of Private Medicare Plans,” Wall Street Journal, May 8, , p. A6. 8. American Medical Association, Council on Medical Service.

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