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#1 Fender twin info

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Fender twin info

E45 Years of Production: The amp on THIS page was made from to The next generation that was made from to around Fender twin info a tremolo circuit, one instrument input, and a different back. It was part of the pro range designed by Paul Rivera before he did his own thing. It is also very different to its replacement model. Not very usable for Metallica tones. An open-back combo amp is not designed for metal. You can get plenty of filthy grunge sounds. And of course, it takes pedals well. The 93 model was, as it looked like a Twin Reverb. There was an entire ad campaign designed around this. The twin amp is the evil twin. Why do you guys make this stuff up? I am interested because I own one in Fenser condition black face, black knobs. Can you email me a pic of that advertisement if you have a minute? Contact Fender and they should confirm this. If not maybe they can clarify it a little more. I am putting it up for sale so I want to make the accompanying information as Fejder as possible. That is the Fenderr I own. I bought a Evil Twin i and I must say it is the best amp I have Fenderr owned. I have only had to replace some tubes and the reverb tank Fenver twelve years. I consider these items consumable like tires and Daddy dead long legs plugs. The lnfo would have to been replaced Fender twin info any tube amp and most all reverb tanks fail eventually. The amp sounds great and has many pro features. I will keep her forever. Avoid the model with red knobs that loks otherwise similar. They are nothing but trouble. Yes, a very different sounding amp. Thanks,...

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Fixed, adjustment pot or balance pot Rectifier: A master volume was added in Other late seventies circuit changes included a Line Out jack, hum balance pot, and a pull boost sw. Fender switched back to the blackface era cosmetics some time in Twin Reverbs produced between late and have a black control panel and silver sparkle grille cloth. This is approximate and regional also. Check Ebay fro completed listings and you can see what has sold for what amount. For the person asking average prices, check eBay completed auctions for a good general number. I bought it new in Therefore, I believe the master volume addition must have been part of the model year and not I could be wrong, but I think the pull-boost potentiometer for the master volume was added in rather than Work great with Rhodes and Wurlitzer Pianos my main use for it. I have a Fender Twin Reverb Silverface. The serial number on the back A amp chassis dates the amp as made in To date the amp, I go by the chassis serial first, and then confirm tranny and maybe speaker date codes if the speakers appear stock. These will date earlier than the amp, usually by a few months. Is the ac outlet there so you can power the amp without having to use tubes? How much dies the amp weigh? It shares the same chassis with the Silverface Twin Reverb. I had a blackface twin in the seventies… sold it to fund some KB gear. Master Volume, Pull Boost. Now this amp isnt a Blackface, and has no circuit mods. Original Bias and Hum balance. It should,I am repeatedly told, sound utter crap. Truth is, it is one of the sweetest sounding amps I have ever...

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Over seven decades, the Fender Twin has been one of the great guitar amplifiers. From the coveted tweeds of the s to digital modellers, it has continued to evolve but always bears testament to the invention and dedication of one man: Leo Fender, amplifier genius. How can that be?! He was an engineer. Leo played the saxophone, by all accounts decently, but he was no John Coltrane. Mr Fender originally worked as an accountant, but lost his job in the Great Depression. However, he had learned enough to spot a gap in the market for mass-instrument production: Soon, repairing radios became a serious hobby for the young man. Leo eventually opened the Fender Radio And Record Shop in Fullerton, California, where he combined his loves of music and tinkering with electronics. He was soon designing and building his own amplifiers and was also hired to design a PA system that would be specialised for use at dances, where there was a need to eliminate the feedback that often seeped from existing primitive systems used in school gyms and small concert halls. Still loud for their day, but nowhere near what Twins would grow up to be. Electronically, the earlier Fender Twins were simple enough — two inch Jensen Alnico V Concert Series speakers and a dual 6L6 power tube configuration that put out only 25 watts, an output level that would be more than enough for most players today. Variations in cabinet design followed: And the Twin was getting famous, too. There is the famous photo of Bill Carson, with whose input Leo originally designed the Stratocaster, beaming at the camera cradling his new guitar with one boot perched cockily atop a Fender Twin. It also used a relatively rare dual-rectifier design and two 5U4 rectifier valves. And, of course,...

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Red or Black Unnumbered Faceplate. Wondering if anyone can tell a few things about this amp. Are the control knobs, ceramic tube pods, transformers etc chassis mounted or are they mounted direct to the boards? I have an opportunity to purchase this amp and would greatly appreciated input from anyone who knows this information for sure. I have owned one for several years now and used it often. I really have enjoyed it. Dating a Fender Eighty Five amp. They are just noise compared to this amplifier. The amp weighs about a ton. The sound is brutal and somehow very interesting. I bought it for gigs battered,old but transportation is a disaster. The clean channel is a dream and the dirty channel clips so nicely and it capable of some great overdrive. Mine buzzes when the drive and or treble is set higher than it wants to be. Actually very heavy, but as my guitar guru said: Mine used to be so loud.. So I put in hte garage for about 3 years. Finally I really missed it, I got my forklift out and brought it in the house…jopking…the casters make it ok to move but if you have to lift it…you better be stout! I live about 1 or 2 miles from the ocean and the tubes seem to have green corrosion on the sockets and tube pins. Now it just whispers on If you look up some info on this amp, there are some things you will read a lot. This is true, very damn true. Longest I had to carry it was around m, I was 17 at that time. It felt like hell, and when I had to carry it back drunk, it felt more like the amp was carrying me. It IS indestructible though....

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It was introduced in , two years before Fender began selling Stratocaster electric guitars. The amps are known for their characteristically clean tone. The Twin has seen a number of revisions since its introduction, both internal and external, with its designs sometimes varying greatly from one year to the next. The Cyber Twin, which combined a tube amp with a digital processor, was introduced in January The Fender Twin has gone through a number of changes over the years, both cosmetically and electronically. The original version was an all-tube combo amplifier with dual 12" speakers and two 6L6 tubes for a rated output of 25 watts. The early models of the larger "narrow-panel" tweeds are also remarkable for their refined electronics whose circuit design incorporated dual 5U4 rectifiers in the Twin and Bassman models, another improvement given Fender's quest for a louder, cleaner amplifier. The entire line of Fender amplifiers from to later for smaller models and Bassman was uniform in this look—tweed or "airline linen" covering with a maroon with gold stripe woven saran grill cloth. By the end of the decade, a JBL 15" speaker was available on special order for the Pro model. It was modified in for more volume, switching to four power tubes [8] with the more efficient long-tailed pair phase inverter for a power increase to 80W. This "hi-powered," tweed-covered design continued into early , after the other Professional Series of Fender amplifiers had made the transition to the modern brownface design. The exact plight of the Twin-Amp during the months between January and May however, remains open to considerable speculation, debate and study. The prevailing explanation is that production was temporarily interrupted during these months as they coincide with the debut of Fender's new "flagship" or top of the line amplifier, the...

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May 10, - Over seven decades, the Fender Twin has been one of the great guitar amplifiers. From the coveted tweeds of the s to digital modellers. Fender Silverface Twin Reverb Size: 2 x 12; Impedance: 4 ohms; Model: Oxford 12T6, Utah 12(For more info, check out the Jensen Replacement Speakers). Fender Twin Red Knob (The Twin) Eminence Made Fender Special Design Blue Label Speakers (For more info, check out the Jensen Replacement Speakers).

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