Fashion show slip ups

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#1 Fashion show slip ups

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Fashion show slip ups

The model flashed the flesh when she took her final walk at the lingerie giant's annual event. Bella Hadid suffered a double nip slip as she strutted down the runway at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The VS models are obviously no strangers to flashing the flesh, but Bella probably didn't bargain on showing this much skin in front of hundreds. During her final walk at the lingerie giant's annual extravaganza, the beaming star lifted her arms above her head. But as she did, her sexy silver lace bra came down slightly to reveal her modesty. Unfazed, the year-old carried on down the catwalk to cheers from the crowd inside the Shanghai venue. Bella wasn't the only VS beauty to suffer an unfortunate slip up on the Jack ass buggers on Monday - poor Ming Xi landed in a heap on her knees after taking a tumble in her killer heels. Footage shows the beauty strutting her stuff on the catwalk before her left foot seemingly slips and her legs slide out from under Fashion show slip ups. Collapsing on the floor in front of the shocked audience, Ming could be seen struggling to right her huge floral headdress as her long train billows around her. Straightening her hair, she continued to smile at the crowd with grace and composure, Fsahion to make it back up Fashion show slip ups a standing position. And then fellow model Gizele Oliveira came to her rescue, offering her a shoulder to lean on as she steadied herself. In a show of support for her fallen comrade, Gizele then hit pause on her own strut to allow Ming to pick up where she left off. She even stood back and started a round of applause for the beauty Fashiom she Cougar...

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Fashion show slip ups

Victoria's Secret model Bella Hadid in pictures.

Mar 16, - Bella causes a slight nip slip after lifting her arms in one of the final numbers at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which was filmed in. Nov 29, - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Bella Hadid NIP SLIP on sexy Shanghai catwalk. VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW took. Supermodels hit the catwalk for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Bella wasn't the only VS beauty to.

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