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#1 Direct tv boot strap

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Direct tv boot strap

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Free adult continuing education

What was the logic in creating an unreadable menu on direct tv? The fonts are so small you can hardly read them. Someone should be fired. The bit that I find so scary and infuriating is that many of us are on this service because it used to be the best available. Maddening bad-ness with other alternatives drove us to DIrectv's high-priced alternative years ago. Now, instead of having one stand-out service we could rely on, we just have an extended buffet of bad options. The costs to switch are also deliberately high and it takes time, too. It sure isn't paying any attention at all to this forum. That's just so offensive! It is really sad to have been pushed here by a once-trusted and valued provider. Maybe it is time to cut the cord. I have studied what we're recording. It seems there are other ways to get it. I've already learned that a small antenna in my attic won't pull in all my local broadcasters. At best it leaves one major network behind. I hope this gear will. If that works, I'm going to try a few of the set-top boxes that merge OTA DVR capability with streaming services, and see if I can find something that impresses my wife. Cant read anything on menue. We are looking at other services to see if we can get something we can read. If a change is bad, one should revert back until fixed. When I called up to complain they were so surprised. They made it sound like I was first one with a problem. Several calls and they just say anything to get you off the line. So now its April and they have done nothing. On April 01 I became Ex customer. So good luck everyone....

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Keep sending complaints about the new unreadable guide to the FCC. Flood the agency with complaints! DTV won't listen or respond to its customers. Maybe they'll respond to the government. Finally managed to get someone's attention on the guide fiasco today. Got a message from the guy below. Couldn't get back through to him, though. At least it's a name and phone number. I think we should all explain our concerns to him. I'll spell out some of the phone and email to avoid the forum message filter. Thank you for taking the time to contact us and explain your concerns. Yes, the font is too small and it is not user friendly. Go back to the old system--that was the main reason I went to direct TV. It is to busy! Yes, bring back the old guide. The font is too small and I cant read it. There is too much info and it is not user friendly. I went to direct tv because I loved the guide and format. When fast forwarding, the bottom screen turns gray and hazy; looks like something from the 80's television era. I hate being forced to an "upgrade" that I didn't agree to. Apple TV, here we come. I woke up this morning to an update which made the text in the menu and guide very small. I cannot find a way to enlarge this. I have a 70 inch TV, the lower part where the banner shows up, sounds more like advertising space to me obscurs and or eradicates, for the moorons at ATT,. The Reason I have a DVR is so that I can skip past the commercials, for the moorons at ATT, commercials are why people began to subscribe to premium television and or sattelite in the first place,...

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Forum General The Lounge Directv--anyone using no bootstrap? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Directv--anyone using no bootstrap? Is thing thing good? I've been hearing a lot about it. Anyone using one, and tell me in lamens terms how it works?? Carrier s Alltel Feedback Score 0. I have heard that it intercepts all non-signed communications with the IRD. Unsigned means anything that does not require a checksum to be generated and run though the ASIC that is built into the card. This CAM never changes, and is hard-coded into the chip on the board. I have not seen one. The infromation above is probubly a month or two old. I have not been updated since the "Pirates Den" went down. I also, at present, don't have a Sub CAM. So right now I can't watch anything except for my subscription. Phredog "I felt a great disturbance in the force. It felt as if a thousand voices cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. Apparently with this thing you can still use any blacklisted bin, u won't get the call ext , message. It does not prevent hashing but still, it sounds pretty good. I wish I knew how long the HU's will be good for. The Hu will be around another year, or so. There are too many out there. Also there are a lot of "challenged" poeple out there that can't understand the swap process. I don't think the No wafer will stop tier wipes. I think you still have to activate every week or so. Also I doubt it will stop the EOS packet. Once again, re-activating will bring it back up. As far as 3M's are concerned, I think they are history. The hashing is so good now. I think it is so good these...

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Posted on Thursday, July 29, - Posted on Friday, July 30, - Posted on Saturday, July 31, - Posted on Thursday, August 05, - Posted on Friday, August 06, - Posted on Saturday, August 07, - Posted on Sunday, August 08, - Posted on Monday, August 09, - Jerry W Mc ewen. Posted on Tuesday, August 10, - Posted on Wednesday, August 11, - Posted on Thursday, August 12, - Posted on Friday, August 13, - Posted on Tuesday, August 17, - Posted on Wednesday, August 18, - Posted on Thursday, August 19, - Posted on Friday, August 20, - Posted on Saturday, August 21, - I have bought a No. I hope to hear comments and help from those that are getting any free service from DirecTv. Copied and pasted from another site: As for now, there is no way it can work on cable. There are two different methods to this article: The second however most likely only applies to Directv. I am not sure of this however, as my knowledge only applies specifically to Directv. It very well could work on other systems too. The Major Flaws Contained in Satellite Company's Protection of Pay Programming, Specifically Directv March 25, Oklahoma City, Ok Directv is a well known provider of satellite television, who's equipment and web software contains just a few flaws, but ones substantial enough to compromise the entire structure of Directv's pay-per-view and adult programmming system. I spoke to a man recently who in the interests of anonymity prefers to be called At the completion of our conversation he handed me a note, which contained the following text: When a program is ordered, a signal is sent to...

Direct tv boot strap

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Providing consistent APIs for interacting with your DirecTV STB, because someone had to Bootstrap: Bootstrap is a "toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart. Nov 1, - What was the logic in creating an unreadable menu on direct tv? .. In fact, BootStrap, vzhurnale.info Can do this easily with a very. Nov 1, - I went to direct tv because I loved the guide and format. .. (tablets, Cell Phones, Everything, or you could have used Bootstrap) But what you.

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