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#1 Buy a virgin mobile phone

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Buy a virgin mobile phone

The hardware is fine, and so is the service. But if your iPhone ever needs replacing, watch out. The deal was too good to pass up: Was the iPhone cheap? Was it the cheapest possible way to get the model I wanted? The 5S itself has been great especially compared with the 4S it replacedand Virgin's Sprint-powered coverage has been, let's just say good enough. However, last Clair dane nude I dropped the phone, busting its screen sob. My attempt to replace it myself was unsuccessful, so I decided to pony up the dough double-sob for an Buy a virgin mobile phone Store repair. Had this been a warranty claim, that would have been my destination as well: Apple handles all service issues for iPhones Buy a virgin mobile phone from Virgin Mobile. So I made an appointment, took the iPhone in, and got a replacement. Apple Stores don't currently do screen repairs for the 5S, so what happens is they swap your whole phone -- same as if, say, your Wi-Fi stopped working. In a nutshell, my Genius Bar Genius who, I just have to say, really needed a shower couldn't get the replacement phone activated. I'll spare you the blow-by-blow, but after a full hour of trying this and that, he got on the phone with Virgin and was told that activation was "locked. Nearly as exasperated as I was, he handed me the phone, said, "Good luck," and sent me on my way. That was disappointing, to Buy a virgin mobile phone the least, but it was only the beginning. After 24 hours, my phone still hadn't been activated. I called Virgin and reached a live, admirably apologetic human almost immediately and was told that the Apple Store had done it wrong: They'd registered the iPhone...

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Buy a virgin mobile phone


Pick an awesome new device from Virgin Mobile Canada. Our smartphone and tablet line-up includes Android, iPhone, Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, Moto. Virgin Mobile's Pay Monthly phone deals include the latest models from big honchos like Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Sony. Compare up to 4 Pay Monthly. May 19, - Before you buy an iPhone from Virgin Mobile, read this. Commentary: The However, last week I dropped the phone, busting its screen (sob).

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