Brush on silicone

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#1 Brush on silicone

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Brush on silicone

This Instructable will walk you through the process of creating a 2-part Brush on silicone mold of an original. Using a brush-on technique gives the silicone more flex when demolding and require less silicone than pour molds. Brush on silicone the mold into two parts can allow you to work around undercuts in a mold. Note that you can add more than one mold part line, however this will increase the complexity of your mold. In this Instructable I will be making a mold of a clay original that I sculpted and then creating a slush casting using the mold. I had a mannequin head around, so I thought it would be fun to make up some sort of futuristic spacesuit helmet. The first step is preparing the base model for fabrication. If you're using a base model that you don't want to get ruined with clay or mold material it might be a good idea to cover the model in something silicone friendly note that silicone has a hard time curing on certain material surfaces. I covered mine in plastic wrap and tape. The mannequin head was obviously not to human scale and I wanted the helmet to fit my head. So I found my head measurements using a sewing tape measure then, added clay to the mannequin's head until it matched my measurements. It might be helpful to draw these at full scale so you can compare what you make directly to the drawings. Begin building by blocking in your model. Focus on basic shapes, proportions and placement. Don't worry about the details or how refined it is. This is a very rough state to ensure the underlying structure of your model is accurate. Pay attention to the placement of symmetrical features. I often draw a center line...

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Brush on silicone

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This is a great starter kit for making basic brush-on molds with silicone. Kit includes 2 lb kit of Gel silicone, 1 oz TinThix thickener, lb kit of Easy Flo Brushable Shore 30A Tin Silicone Rubber; High tear strength mold making silicone; Good for making molds used for casting resin, plaster and wax. Brushable. Shop Smooth-On at the Amazon Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

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