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#1 Auto fellatio index

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Auto fellatio index

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#2 Arm model railroad coal

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Arm model railroad coal

You need to be a logged-in member of the forums to see the videos and pictures in the posts. You can post pictures and videos up to MB. In total there are 22 users online:: Sometimes it takes a minute for the chat to appear - thanks for your patience! You should be able to join as a guest if you prefer that - if you sign up for an iwebcam. It is currently Mon Jul 16, 8: I hope people will use it make connections and initiate discussions on one of the most pressing topics of our day; solo cock-sucking. If this is your first visit, please read "Guide for newcomers" below. Self-Fuck Forum You asked for it, so here it is - a separate forum for solo sodomy. Stories, questions, tips, anything related to the glorious manly art of fucking yourself. If this is your first visit to the forums please read the "announcement" posting in the self-suck forum. You need to join the forum to post a message. Now lets get fucking! Men's sex-stuff forum Another requested forum: Men who swallow cum. Share your pictures, videos and stories of eating loads of cum - hot from the nozzle or saved for later. For men of all orientations who like a mouthful of the cock-nectar. Toys For Boys Got a favorite dildo or masturbator? Love to work your cock with a pump, a set of sounds or electrical stimulator? As men we love our tools and our toys - share your pictures, videos and stories about the sextoys - home-made or store-bought - that help you to get off. Men's solosex - share how you get off. Share your pleasures with us - give us links to pictures and video clips, and tell us stories about the sex...

#3 Cindy van zandt adult

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Cindy van zandt adult

Autofellatio is the act of oral stimulation of one's own penis as a form of masturbation. Only a limited number of men are physically capable of performing autofellatio. Egyptologist David Lorton says that many ancient texts refer to autofellatio within the religion of Egypt , both in the realm of the gods and among the followers performing religious rituals. Michel Foucault cites Artemidorus ' Oneirocritica as identifying the act of "taking [one's] sex organ into one's [own] mouth" as one of three ways to commit "relations with oneself. Few men possess sufficient flexibility and penis length to safely perform the necessary frontbend. Autofellatio is a niche in pornography. Aldiss ' semi-autobiographical novel The Hand-Reared Boy , he describes group masturbation practices at a British boys' boarding school. One boy with an especially large penis is capable of fellating himself, a fact which the narrator, Horatio Stubbs, verifies. Comedian Bill Hicks elaborated an oft-quoted riff on the subject of fellatio , "A woman one night yelled out, 'Yeah, you ever try it? Almost broke my back. In the 26th season — of the popular Saturday Night Live comedy show Will Ferrell plays a character who joins a yoga class with the sole purpose to be able to fellate himself as a part of reaching Samadhi. She ultimately knocks him unconscious with a telephone and steals the keys. The opening sequence of the film Shortbus shows James Paul Dawson fellating himself on videotape; like all of Shortbus' s sexual content, the scene was unsimulated. The term may be insulting to a man's masculinity, implying that someone performs autofellatio due either to extremely high self-regard or inability to get someone else to do it for him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about autofellatio in humans. Savage Love , page Plume...

#4 Teen boyfriend problems

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Teen boyfriend problems


#5 Free enlargements notes

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Free enlargements notes


Auto fellatio index

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