Afa teens for alzheimer awareness

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#1 Afa teens for alzheimer awareness

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Afa teens for alzheimer awareness

The program especially targets teen caregivers living in families affected by this disease. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America AFA is a national nonprofit c 3 organization with a mission "to provide optimal care and services to individuals confronting dementia, and to their caregivers Youtube russian ape woman families, through member organizations dedicated to improving quality of life. AFA supports individuals and families through caregiver education, crisis counseling by licensed social workers, and respite care grants. AFA also provides technical and financial assistance to local non-profit member organizations to enhance programs and services. Other AFA programs promote professional excellence in dementia care, raise public awareness about Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, promote early detection, and advocate for sound public policies. AFA places emphasis on promoting quality Canadian purchase sumatriptan succinate oral and devotes a large part of its resources to educate and support caregivers, both family caregivers, including teens, and professionals. Recognizing that teens are impacted by the rising incidence of Alzheimer's disease, AFA Teens educates, engages and supports teens with Afa teens for alzheimer awareness, online education and interaction. Embracing teenagers' thirst for the Internet, awarreness division's hallmark since has been its dedicated Web site www. The site conveys information about the disease and caregiving tips in the peer-friendly and practical language that teens alzheimed while providing teens with several creative outlets for their thoughts and emotions. There is a moderated message board and Facebook page where teens can post Afa teens for alzheimer awareness and concerns and receive advice from AFA social workers, and teens Are pigtails sexy submit creative contributions, such as poems, essays, videos and scanned artwork, on an ongoing basis. The website receives about 35, to 45, hits each month. In the short time since AFA began recruiting chapters, 15 groups have Afa...

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Afa teens for alzheimer awareness

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As the incidence of Alzheimer's disease—which currently affects more than 5 million Americans—continues to rise, a growing number of teens are facing the. In a further effort to provide an outlet for teenagers to express their thoughts about Alzheimer's disease and to engage the younger generation in this cause, AFA is pleased to offer the AFA Teens for Alzheimer's Awareness College Scholarship. AFA Teens for Alzheimer's Awareness College Scholarship Scholarship - Maximum Amount: $ - Application Deadline: March 26, - As more and more.

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